• City: Kanpur

    Day 12: Baroda to Ahmedabad

    The latest and laziest start of this trip. I finally left Baroda at 11 AM, after enjoying breakfast at Shardul’s place.

    The destination for the day wasn’t too far off. I had already spoken to Sudeep in Ahmedabad and was headed to his house.

    The road from Baroda to Ahmedabad was much better than the previous highways. Because most of the vehicles take the new expressway, rather than this old highway.

    This was my first time ever with aerobars on my bike. This was the 4th day of using these new bars and it was taking some time getting used to. My neck, shoulders and back muscles were stiff and hurting by the fourth day.

    Thankfully it was a short ride and I had a lot of time to recover.

    Aiding my recovery was a grand welcome by Sparky. Sudeep’s Labrador, or Spark Plug as he is officially known!

    The evening was spent talking motorcycles and ended with lots of chicken for dinner. An excellent way to end the day.

    You can check out the route on Strava.