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    Any recommendations for power meters for indoor bicycle training. Power2max is super expensive. Thanks



    As per our resident cycling expert Sumit Patil:

    You can go for single sided power meter. Can be pedal type or crank arm type (if the existing crankset is compatible). Given, cost is a concern.

    The options for pedal type are Powertap and Garmin. And SRM pedals if available in India.
    For Crankarm type, one can go for Stages Powermeter.

    Also with Stages one can go with a mismatch, as well. For eg. if you have a hollow axle Dura Ace, one can also use a 105 Stages. Just keep the length same. Shimano hollow-tech crank arms are inter compatible throughout the series and year versions.


    Do let us know if you need any more information. Cheers!