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      Things to keep in mind before hitting the post button!

      • If you have a query. Then post your question in detail. Give as much information as you can provide, so that fellow members can understand and help you out. Avoid posting one liner questions.
      • Basic online etiquette suggests not posting in CAPS, as it is the equivalent of ‘shouting’!
      • The language used on this forum is English. Please use the same. If you choose to use another language, then please make sure you give the English translation as well.
      • Do not post in shortened/ abbreviated English as is popular on Social Media. Try to make your post as legible and comprehensible as possible for fellow forum members.
      • If you are posting in the ‘News Forum’ then please add the ‘Original Source’ link as well. The link from where you got the news.
      • Post in the relevant forums. And keep your posts relevant to the topic at hand. If you cannot find a topic for your discussion, then start a new topic in the appropriate forum.
      • Avoid excessive text formatting, as it makes it difficult to read for members.
      • When starting a new topic, give it a relevant title, which helps others immediately understand what the topic is about.
      • Keep it clean! This forum is accessible to all. Do not use abusive language or anything similar which might make members uncomfortable. No ‘adult only’ content. No political discussions!
      • This is a Cycling forum. Please keep your discussions cycling related only.
      • Do not post content which is not legal. Do not plagiarise. Do not promote illegal means of doing things.
      • If you have posted incorrectly, you can edit your post. Please edit, rather than posting repeatedly.
      • Do not spam the forums. Do not post for the sake of saying something, but only when you have something to say.
      • Racism, sexism of any sort is not tolerated on the forums.

      Last but not least

      The Cycling Monks forums is retroactively moderated. Which means that your posts will be live immediately. In the event that your post does not follow the above guidelines, it is liable to be removed.

      Help Maintain the Quality of the CyclingMonks Forums

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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