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      Mach City Munich Single Speed Owner Review by Aditya Dudhakawar after riding 1500 km.Mach City Munich Single Speed Owner Review

      No. of years cycling: 4 years

      Model name: Mach City Munich Single Speed

      Bought on: November 2017

      Place of purchase: This bike was bought through a local Track & Trail dealer shop. You can also purchase this bike online through choosemybicyle.com

      Approx. no. of kilometres so far: 1500 km

      Buying experience: I bought this bike in a physical store that is the local Track &Trail dealer. As I had a very little budget so I went for the city commute bike. The salesperson also showed me the other bikes of Mach City.

      Other models considered at the time of purchase: Mach City iBike Single Speed

      Reason for choosing this model. I was limited by my budget. I had very less options to choose from. As I saw this bike I fell in love with the aesthetics it provided with the price. It also comes with a 21-speed variant which will cost extra. I went on a 75 km long ride on this bike and also did a 138 km (69 km X 2) ride on a single day. Also, it has a very low maintenance cost. It can be your low-budget city commute. I have also done some off-roading with it.

      Positives of this bike:

      1. A low-budget bike.
      2. Good for daily commute.
      3. Comes with quick release for the front wheel and saddle adjustment
      4. Good reach of the handlebar.

      Negatives of this bike:

      1. It weighs around 12 kg.
      2. Comes with alloy v-brakes.
      3. It comes with M size frame which is good for riders of height 5’6’-5’10’.

      Will I recommend this bike and why:

      1. Can be your first bike if the budget is constrained.
      2. Requires very low maintenance and easy to handle.
      3. Can easily do 50 km ride daily.

      Mach City Single Speed Owner Review: Technical Specifications

      Frame: 19 inches
      Fork: Rigid
      Brakes: Alloy V-Brakes
      Tyres: 700x35C

      For more detailed technical specifications visit Track & Trail 

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        Mach City Munich Single Speed Owner Review by Vivek Bhapkar from Nagpur, Maharashtra, after riding 8000 km.

        Purchase Month: June 2020 during lockdown

        Distance Ridden: Total 8000 km ride done in 10 months

        Things Replaced: 1st time replaced the chain after completing 8000 km

        Tyres: Tyres  are 700x35C, which is good grip tyres. 30 to 50 psi pressure is mentioned on the tyres.  But I fill 60 psi pressure. Because of which for 10 months I have no punctures.

        Usage: I use this bike for city commute/ weekend ride & touring purpose. I personally gain the average speed on this bike is 25km per hour.

        Changes Desired: Mach City Munich bike should come with 700/ 28 size tyres because already I gained 25 speed on 35 size tyre. When I will run this bike with 28 size tyres I will definitely cover more speed than 25.

        Verdict: Over all frame is good

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