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      As the Asian Continental Championships are happening in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Here’s the results of Indian Cyclists as they fight the odds to get the best results possible for our country.

      If you haven’t seen, then these were the cyclists who were selected to represent India at the Asians.

      The Results from the Asians

      Men Elite ITT

      Joel Sundaram, who had been fastest during the Indian Selections, represented the country for the Men’s Elite Individual Time Trial.

      He finished in 14th place, 5 minutes 38 seconds behind the winner, at an average speed of 43.32 kmph.

      The ITT was on a 40 km long course.

      Women Elite ITT

      Monika Jat who was the fastest at the selections, represented the country at the Women’s Elite ITT.

      She finished 15th in the ITT in Almaty. 3 minutes 59 seconds behind the winner, while averaging 37.38 kmph.

      The ITT was held on a 20 km long course.

      Men’s Junior – Road Race

      In the Men’s Junior Road Race, which was a 112.6 km race, the winner finished in 2 hours 38 minutes and 40 seconds.

      The first and only Indian rider to finish is Bajrang Legha. He fought hard to finish in 33rd position. 8 minutes 52 seconds behind the winner.

      Sadly, the other three Indian boys, Angad Singh, Ashok Jat and Shaurya Sheoran were unable to finish. But they will surely grow with this experience.

      Women’s Under-23 ITT

      Jasmeek Kaur Sekhon finished 8th in the Women’s Under-23 Individual Time Trial. She was 2 minutes and 38 seconds behind the winner, averaging 37.38 kmph over the 20 km course.

      Men’s Under-23 ITT

      Akshar Tyagi finished 13th in the Men’s Under-23 ITT. He finished 3 minutes 57 seconds behind the winner, riding at 41.12 kmph over the 34 km course.

      Men’s Junior – ITT

      Angad Singh finished 16th in the Men’s Junior ITT. He finished the 20 km course 4 minutes 8 seconds behind the winner at 38.62 kmph.


      Source: ProCyclingStats

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        Men’s Under-23 Road Race

        Vishavjeet Singh was the top finisher from the Indian contingent in the Men’s Under-23 Road Race. He finished 31st in the 125.4 km race, 8 minutes 50 seconds behind the winner.

        Akshar Tyagi unfortunately was unable to finish the race.

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