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      Meet Sudharshana DT from Chitradurga, Karnataka.
      Sudharshana DT
      Sudharshana at Dhanushkodi
      He has just embarked on a bicycle tour, in which he hopes to cover the entire country.
      A dream which he started on the 18th of August and he hopes to fulfil in the coming months.
      Currently Sudharshana is in Tamil Nadu, where he is being ably guided by our friend Vignesh VP. With no fixed route, he will be meandering around the country once he is out of that southern state.
      At Kanyakumari
      But he doesn’t want to just ride.
      Sudharshana decided to have some motto for his ride. And for that he delved into his past.
      As a student, he sold water bottles, chips, SIM cards and more on the footpath of his city. There were two things he experienced: tax collectors and dogs.
      The former would come daily to collect taxes from the footpath vendors and the latter were the furry friends he made on the streets.
      These two experiences are deeply etched in his mind and his motto for this ride is to make people aware of the exploitation of street vendors and to treat street dogs with more love…
      We wish him all the very best in his endeavour
      If you would like to connect with or support Sudharshana during his ride. You can drop him a message on his Instagram account!
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