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      any suggestions. I currently have some Kenda stickees, but it has been dry, and i have not used them in slop condition. Any suggestions, conditions would be single track, now muddied up, with rocks, some roots and logs.

      Joseph Williams
        • City: WA

        I have 3 suggestions for you. See if you can get your hands on them locally. These are really good for wet conditions.

        1) Vittoria Rubino Pro Control

        2) Vittoria Corsa Control

        3) Specialized Roubaix Pro

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          I’ve been very happy with my WTB Resolute tires. They track straight in the mud and shed it pretty quickly, but roll really well on hard pack.

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            Bikes aren’t exactly complicated machines, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a good amount of routine bike maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

            While it’s true that there are some more intensive repairs and maintenance that require more than entry-level knowledge, there are still plenty of things you can do on your own in between visits to the bike shop.

            Bike maintenance should be a main priority with your own bike, whether you routinely use a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, or really whatever else.

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