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      The BTwin Triban RC 120 Owner Review by Vinayak Ray. He shares his experience of this cycle after clocking 1500 km.Triban RC 120 Owner Review

      No. of years cycling: 4 years

      Model name: BTWIN Triban RC120

      Bought on: June 2020

      Place of purchase: Decathlon Pune

      Approx no. of km clocked so far: 1500 km

      Buying experience: The buying experience is very satisfying whenever I am shopping for something from Decathlon because-
      1. The process of buying a cycle from Decathlon is very streamlined because the Sport Leaders of the department are very well informed on the products and can guide you to the right product.
      2. The bike was given for trial and testing as well and a lot of the details of the bike were explained properly.

      Other models considered at the time of purchase: Merida Scultura 100, Giant SCR1 and Scott Speedster 40

      Reason for choosing this model: I intend to use the Triban RC 120 as a training bike so I did not bother much about the frameset.
      The components of the bike are quite good for the money they charge and it is much cheaper than the other shortlisted models. Models for comparable performance.
      Because of the lowered price tag and good serviceability, I could also invest more in apparels, a helmet and accessories.

      Positives of this bike: Here are some good points about the bike-
      1. It has good quality components like brakes, saddle, seat post etc.
      2. The drivetrain is very reliable and the rear cassette is big enough to help ride up climbs easily.
      3. The wheels are sturdy and the tires on them are 28 mm. This is quite comfortable as compared to even thinner versions. However, there is no compromise on speed.
      4. The frame design is specifically done with touring in mind and doing long rides on it is a treat.

      Negatives of this bike: Here are a few low points of the bike-
      1. The bike is fairly light at 10.5 kg but it is still heavier than what I would like it to be. This makes climbing a little challenging.
      2. The saddle is really good quality but I found it to be a little on the harder side.

      Will I recommend this bike and why:
      1. I would definitely recommend this bike to all those who want to invest in a road bike but do not wish to empty their wallets for the same! It is a great beginner bike.
      2. The bike demands very low maintenance and basic cleaning and occasional services are more than enough to keep it running as smooth as new.
      3. Decathlon really has good people who can guide you to the right product, even if that product is not from Decathlon. This honest and friendly service is more essential than I can care to admit, when it comes to purchasing something as technical as this.

      Cycle Track in India

      Triban RC 120 Owner Review: Technical Specifications

      Frame: Aluminium Alloy
      Fork: Carbon-Aluminium
      Shifters: Microshift
      Crankset: Microshift 50×34
      Cassette: Microshift 11-34
      Derailleur Front & Rear: Microshift
      Brakes: Caliper brakes
      Tyres: 700c x 28 mm

      You can check out the Full Specifications of the Triban RC 120 on the Decathlon Website.

      If you have the Triban RC 120, you can share your experiences below as well. And if you’d like to know more about the bike, drop a question to be answered!

      More such ownership experiences coming up soon on CyclingMonks.com. You can check out the BTwin Triban 100 Owner Review here.

      If you’d like to share a review of a cycle or accessory, feel free to do so. You are helping out the cycling community in India to make a more informed decision while purchasing their dream bike.

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        The BTwin Triban RC 120 Owner Review by Sundaram Sharma. He shares his experience of this cycle after clocking 3600 km and 9 months.

        No. of years cycling: 7 years
        Model: Triban RC 120
        Bought on: 1st Nov 2019
        Place of purchase: Decathlon
        Approx number of kilometres clocked: 3675 km

        Buying experience: Decathlon first provides the customer to check the product by operating it by themselves, so I got a good look at the bike first and had a very good experience.

        Other models considered at the time of purchase: Scott road bike but it was out of stock, and out of budget too as extra charges for importing were too high!

        Reason for the purchase of this model: Triban RC 120 is an entry level road bike in budget. If we talk about performance it is an awesome road bike for starting the career and completing a quarter of it.

        Positive of this bike: The weight of this bike is close to professional road bikes and they have provided a carbon fork in the frame.

        Negative of this bike: The wheel frame is very weak and due to this the wheel gets damaged very easily.

        Will I recommend this bike: Yes I will recommend this bike. As for starters and state level roadies this is a perfect beast to race with. It comes in budget so no problem will be there!

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