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    Week 10 Update of the Cycling Monks Strava Group. Week ending 9th August 2020.

    Club Stats. 334 members collectively rode 36202 km in 950 rides, climbing 176641 metres in 1684 hours!

    The number of members are up by 19 as compared to last week. Total kilometres, rides, elevation gain and number of hours on the saddle have all gone down this week. In a large part this was due to the lockdown being enforced in many parts of the country as well as the monsoon wreaking havoc along the western coast.

    Group target is to hit 1000 rides next week!

    Leaderboard: Overall

    Sumit Patil had stated that he would be gunning for the top spot in the overall mileage leaderboard this week. But he fell short by quite a few kilometres!

    After a week away from the top, Sukhwinder Singh from Punjab was once again top of the charts. He has been in the first couple of positions for the last 6 weeks! He rode a mind boggling 1288 km.

    In second place is new entrant in this spot Sumit Patil from Maharashtra who rode 841 km in the week. He couldn’t hit his target, but an impressive mileage nonetheless. He is training for his 24 hour Time Trial on the 15th of August.

    Third spot is taken by Subu Narayanan from Tamil Nadu. He rode 755 km. His mileage has been consistent over the weeks, along with his average speed.

    *Only outdoor rides and ‘smart indoor trainer’ rides considered.

    Leaderboard: Women

    Among the women in the club, Pradnya Ajagar from Maharashtra was back at the top and in 69th place overall, riding 176 km this week. Last week she was second.

    In second place is new entrant to the club, Garima Takyar from Haryana, with 157 km under her belt for the week. She is 77th overall.

    There are 2 women in the top 100 this week, down by 1 as compared to last week.

    Leaderboard: Longest Ride

    This section of the leaderboard is the only one which sees a major shakeup every week. With the other’s more or less set in stone!

    Top spot goes to Dheeraj Narsian from Delhi for the longest ride, doing a 220 km long ride!

    Next up is Sumit Patil from Maharashtra having done a 200 km ride in his attempt to be top of the overall table.

    Third is Sanjay Sharma from Rajasthan, who did a 171 km long ride.

    Leaderboard: Fastest

    Average speeds are UP this week. Sanjeev Ramki said he will take this position by storm and he did, in style! The top 3 have been riding at some serious pace…

    Fastest of the lot is Sanjeev Ramki from Tamil Nadu who averaged an incredible 35.8 kmph.

    Second fastest for the week is Garima Takyar from Haryana whose weekly average is 32.5 kmph.

    Third is Sumit Patil from Maharashtra averaging 31.6 kmph over the week. Impressive considering his overall mileage.

    *Only outdoor rides and ‘smart indoor trainer’ rides considered.

    Leaderboard: King/ Queen of the Mountain

    Tamil Nadu once again almost clean sweeps the top spots in the climbing category this week.

    Climber of the week is Shun Athi from Tamil Nadu having climbed 7062 metres. An incredible amount. He was third last week.

    Second is Imaad Sait from Tamil Nadu. He climbed 4112 metres this week. He was second last week as well.

    Third is Anirudh Rangarajan from Maharashtra, he climbed 3729 metres during the week.

    *In this category, only rides recorded on devices with barometers are eligible. Phone Strava is known to give wildly inaccurate altitude gain readings and therefore are not taken into account!

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