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    Week 13 Update of the Cycling Monks Strava Group. Week ending 30th August 2020.

    Club Stats. 382 members collectively rode 42193 km in 1095 rides, climbing 231740 metres in 2021 hours!

    The number of members are up by 17 as compared to last week. The week saw more than a 1000 rides again and 2000+ hours of saddle time. Good mileage by club members!

    Kudos to all these fantastic people…

    Leaderboard: Overall

    Sukhwinder Singh from Punjab was once again top of the charts. He has been in the first couple of positions for the last 9 weeks! He rode 1107 km. An incredible amount, even though it was 300 km less than the previous week.

    In second place is once again Subu Narayanan from Tamil Nadu who rode 863 km in the week. Once again he impressively clocked this mileage at an average speed of 30+ kmph!

    Third spot is taken by Sanjay Sharma from Rajasthan. He rode 682 km. This is the second week in which he has been at the third spot.

    *Only outdoor rides and ‘smart indoor trainer’ rides considered.

    Leaderboard: Women

    This week there were NO women in the top 100!

    Leaderboard: Longest Ride

    This section of the leaderboard is the only one which sees a major shakeup every week. With the other’s more or less set in stone!

    Top spot goes to Sukhwinder Singh from Punjab for the longest ride. He did an incredible 322 km long ride!

    Next up is Harsimran Singh from Karnataka having done a mammoth 206 km ride.

    Third is Kchinmay Krishna from Telangana, who did a 200.2 km long ride.

    *Only outdoor rides and ‘smart indoor trainer’ rides considered.

    Leaderboard: Fastest

    The top 3 have been riding at some decent pace…

    Fastest of the lot is professional racer, Aditya Malhotra from Delhi who averaged an incredible 36.7 kmph over the week! That is FAST considering he rode 458 km.

    Second fastest for the week is Subu Narayanan from Tamil Nadu whose weekly average is an incredible 30.9 kmph. Impressive because of the 800+ km he clocks every week.

    Third is Mayur Bathija from Karnataka averaging 30.0 kmph over the week. This included his ride at Bangalore’s second ISO ITT.

    *Only outdoor rides and ‘smart indoor trainer’ rides considered.

    Leaderboard: King/ Queen of the Mountain

    Tamil Nadu once again takes the top spots in the climbing category this week.

    Climber of the week is Shun Athi from Tamil Nadu having climbed 5705 metres.

    *In this category, only rides recorded on devices with barometers are eligible. Phone Strava is known to give wildly inaccurate altitude gain readings and therefore are not taken into account!

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