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      It’s making a light squeaking noise when I pedal. Not sure i want to take that apart, but maybe I should. It does not have excessive free play. it is NOT the pedals. It just started a few weeks ago, but maybe I could not hear it previously.

      This bike is OLD. 1950s or 60s. When I found it in 2013 it was laying in someone’s backyard missing wheels and seat. Handle bars are slightly too low, but cant break loose that adjusting bolt. It sat in my garage for several years until I found a seat and wheels/tires. Then I started riding it weekly, about 7 miles a week.

      Im thinking for now just wait and see, but if it starts making more noise or the axle free play increases, I should try and take it apart.

      I really like this old bike and the longer it lasts the better.

      Yes the seat looks bad, but that width is great for me. Basket I added for carrying home large watermelon.

      Im hoping it wont catastrophically fail during one of my trips.

      pics https://imgur.com/a/vEKLCch

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        Hey Paul

        That does appear to be the bottom bracket which is creating the commotion! And you would likely have to disassemble it sooner rather than later.

        Especially if you wouldn’t like it to fail mid-ride. Preventive maintenance and all that…

        Would love to see more pictures of the full bike 🙂

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          What type grease to repack 60 yo bike?

          Btw im about 60 too. Maybe that’s why we bonded.

          Pics which part of bike? 3rd pic is everything, but yea the background is distracting.

          If it warms up I might go bike to mkt today.



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