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    Week 20 Update of the Cycling Monks Strava Group. Week ending 18th October 2020.

    Club Stats. 489 members collectively rode 47400 km in 1182 rides, climbing 265231 metres in 2199 hours!

    The number of members are up by 12 as compared to last week. The week saw everyone collectively ride LESS, with number of rides, total distance, time spent on the saddle and elevation gained down marginally as compared to last week.

    Kudos to all the riders who have been working hard on their saddles…

    Leaderboard: Overall

    After a long time, this leaderboard has seen a shakeup in proceedings. The top 2 swapping positions as compared to last week.

    Sagar Shirbhate from Maharashtra was top of the charts. He rode an incredible 749 km. He was 2nd last week.

    In second place is Shun Athi from Tamil Nadu who rode 744 km in the week. Just a handful of kilometres less than 1st place.

    Third spot is taken by Sukhwinder Singh from Punjab. He rode 661 km. An incredibly impressive mileage by him, though significantly less than his previous best.

    *Only outdoor rides and ‘smart indoor trainer’ rides considered.

    Leaderboard: Women

    Lorraine D’Costa from Kerala was top of the charts this week. Riding a whopping 599 km. She is 5th overall.

    Next up is Garima Takyar from Haryana. Who rode an impressive 239 km. She is 65th overall and was 1st last week.

    Third is Urmi Das from West Bengal who rode 215 km on her single speed cycle. She is 70th overall.

    There are 4 women in the top 100 this week, two more than last week.

    Leaderboard: Longest Ride

    This section of the leaderboard is the only one which sees a major shakeup every week. With the other’s more or less set in stone! The top 10 all did 200+ km rides…

    Top spot goes to Bharat Bhushan Goyal from Punjab for the longest ride. He did 407 km long ride! He was 3rd last week.

    Next up is Deepak Talekar from Maharashtra having done a 364 km long ride.

    Third is Sukhwinder Singh from Punjab, who did a 302 km long ride.

    The top 3 are all triple centurions!

    *Only outdoor rides and ‘smart indoor trainer’ rides considered.

    Leaderboard: Fastest

    The top 3 have been riding at a seriously impressive pace while clocking incredible mileage.

    Fastest of the lot is Mayank Tripathi from Canada who averaged an incredible 39 kmph over the week! That is FAST.

    Second fastest for the week is Aditya Malhotra from Delhi whose weekly average is an incredible 37.3 kmph. He is back after spending a week in the mountains climbing.

    Third is Divyam Patel from Canada averaging 33.5 kmph over the week.

    *Only outdoor rides and ‘smart indoor trainer’ rides considered.

    Leaderboard: King/ Queen of the Mountain

    Tamil Nadu has finally lost top spot in the climbing category this week.

    Climber of the week is Sagar Shirbhate from Maharashtra having climbed 6269 metres. He was third last week.

    Second is Lorraine D’Costa from Kerala who climbed 5531 metres.

    Third is Anand Kapil from Haryana, who climbed 4881 metres during the week. He is currently cycling from Haridwar to Uttarkashi.

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