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    Cycling in the Kochi Metro

    In a boost to cycle commuters, Kochi Metro recently allowed cycles to be carried in the metro trains.
    Our friend from Kochi, Adhil Muhammed, used the services after his 200 km BRM and he writes:

    Entering Kochi Metro by cycle is as usual as we travel in the metro alone. The main disadvantage is only 4 cycles are allowed in a single train.

    While we are travelling as groups it will be hard. While accessing stations use entry gates which are wider than usual. The staff is very friendly and they will guide you.

    We stood with our bikes all along the journey for the safety of other travellers.

    Kochi Metro is not asking for additional payment for the bike. Everyone in the city can use the metro while commuting and it’s fun. Nowadays it’s very popular. Thanks to  Kochi Metro for this change🙏.

    Photo and Text: Adhil Muhammed