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    Hi everyone, I am switching from hybrid to road bike. It wil be my first road bike. I have shortlisted 4 models, Java veloce Java siluro 2 Giant scr2 Scott speedster 40. Which is a better buy among these and if any other option tht can be looked at? <p style=”text-align: right;”></p>

    Hey. Here’s a bunch of responses from our friends. Hope these insights will help.

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    Abhijit Singha
    Giant SCR 2

    Thanseef Cycleology
    Scott Speedster 40

    Ravi Punjabi
    Trek Domane Al2

    Scott Speedster better fit and finish
    Giant is not VFM

    Giant SCR2
    Java bikes are good but heavy

    Giant. Because it is the best option which is available
    Java is too aggressive

    Raunak Thiroti
    Scott Speedster
    Scott light frame components and it’s also that Scott is very durable

    Scott Speedster 40
    Better service in India. My rule is to buy bikes from stores who owners ride bikes themselves

    Giant SCR2
    The build quality. And the service provided by the company. Java bikes are good yes but they are very heavy. Personal experience 😢

    Java Veloce
    In my view
    Cheap and best to buy and maintenance
    Even if u do any mistakes in maintaining or riding style
    Can learn everything with low cost…

    Java Siluro 2
    So one if my friend has it…1 st thing its good buy woth money..i think within 80k sora and aero..paint job..and when i ride it, i felt good..

    Shadow Cyclist
    Giant SCR2

    Java Veloce 2. VFM. Great frame, good components. I ride one.

    Scott or Giant
    I had used both Scott and giant they r much more lighter than Java. As my friend is having a Java

    Scott Speetster

    Mr Varun Jain
    Never ever go for java.. Giant would be my first choice followed by Scott

    Yogesh Pilankar
    I owned Java Veloce, it was not comfortable for me. Too much committed posture. Claris groupset is not smooth. But build quality is good. Slightly heavier for a road bike. Ended up selling in 3 months. Now I have Scott Hybrid and I’m so much happy. Also consider Convolution bikes and Scolarian bikes for custom geometry. You can have same geometry as your hybrid:)

    Giant or the Scott. Might be partial to the Scott. I liked its frame when i rode it.

    Eat neet ride repeat
    Scott Speedster 40

    Indraneel Ghule
    Go for giant or scott coz they r a good brand and better than java

    Biker Lor

    Explore da unexplored
    Giant scr2. It’s wheels n it’s endurance geometry. Java is not that reliable. If anyone is having 1st road bike then endurance would be preferred unless he/she wants race.

    Vishnu Yarlalagadda
    Giant SCR2

    The Sun Appearing
    Java Siluro 2/ Giant. Giant because of its structure and geometry. And S2 for being aero and lightweight. Triban 😍.

    Scott. Have heard good reviews. Brand support is awesome. Components wise also it’s really good!