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    The third poll results are quite surprising!

    We asked the community what kind of cyclist label do they most identify with. And shockingly, the results are:

    38% of the cyclists polled consider themselves to be racers. That is quite incredible, because in cycling circles, anybody will tell you, that it is much more difficult to get people to attend a race, than attend a cyclothon.

    32% of those who voted ride for purely fitness and recreation reasons. They are riding either to get healthier or to socialise, or both.

    Surprisingly, only  23% said they consider themselves randonneurs. Even though you will find much larger groups of participants at randonneuring events than racing events.

    Unsurprisingly, only 7% consider their primary bicycle usage to be commuting. Considering the urban road infrastructure we have in most Indian cities, this is along expected lines. Better pubic infrastructure would be required, along with more hospitable office spaces, before we can see this group of cyclists swelling in numbers.

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