Amateur Bicycle Races in India: MTB & Road

Here’s a list of the best amateur bicycle races in India, where you can work on your skills and competitive spirit. The list comprises both road and mountain bike races.

Amateur Bicycle Races in India

Amateur races are arguably the purest form of racing. You spend money, time, energy and for what. Just for pride. To beat your competition. And feel that adrenalin rush.

You don’t win big prize money, no photographs in the newspaper, no adulating fans.

There is only one reason why you go racing at these amateur races. For the love of the sport. Because from the racers to the organisers to the volunteer marshals, every single person is there because they are brimming with passion for the sport.

These amateur races are also an excellent testing ground for the competitive folk to sharpen their skills. It lets you push yourself to the limits, with nothing at stake, but pride.

There is no quicker way to get fitter on a bike than racing. Having your ass whooped by your riding buddy, will make you pull out all stops to extract sweet revenge in the next race. In the process you and your buddy, will get faster…

The race organisers’ list below is arranged alphabetically and is not exhaustive. If you feel we have missed out on any amateur races, let us know in the comments below!


Based in Dehradun, Adventhrill organises races through the year locally.

The races are mostly XC MTB style. They also have a few hill climb races, considering the city is in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Tour de Chamasari is one of their main races.

You can get in touch with them to race on the Adventhrill Instagram page.

Aravalli Trailhunters

The Aravalli Trailhunters is a NCR based cycling club which organises races in and around Delhi.

ATH mostly organises MTB XC races in the Aravalli forests. Mostly in Gurgaon and sometimes in Delhi as well.

They have monthly races and a season finale in December, with championship points and a season champion. The finale is a fantastic race to attend for the mountain bike lover.

They also off and on organise road races in NCR and some outstation races as well.

You can check them out on the Aravalli Trailhunters Facebook group. You can read our write up on them here.

National Champion Arvind Panwar in action at an ATH race in Noida…

Bangalore Amateur Racing

Bangalore Amateur Racing has probably the most self-explanatory name!

These amateur races are organised in the city of Bangalore. BAR organises road races and TTs for folks of the city.

You can get in touch with them on the BAR Instagram page.

Bangalore Bicycle Championships

Bangalore Bicycle Championships also organise races in the city and has been around from 2009.

BBCh organises both MTB and road races. Both formats of racing sees participation in large numbers. It is not just quantity which they boast, but quality as well. With fantastic races and incredible talent finding themselves together.

Probably the best cycle race organisers in the country right now. Their big race is the Nandi Epic, which sees many cyclists pouring in from all corners of the country to participate.

You can check them out on the BBCh Website.

Chennai Cyclists

Chennai Cyclists is a humongous cycling group in that city. With chapters spread out across the city.

WCCG also organises races for cyclists of Chennai. These are road races and TTs.

WCCG isn’t just involved in racing though, they are present in every form of cycling within the city. An incredible cycling group, who can be a role model for many groups around the country.

You can check out races on the WCCG Website.


Another Bangalore based outfit.

Goodwave has been organising Enduro races in the city. During the pandemic they came up with the novel concept of racing each other over a segment without actually congregating there. On a fixed day, during a time slot, you had to go and race a segment. Winners were decided basis their segment time.

You can check out Goodwave Virtual Enduro on the website.

Hyderabad Racing Circuit

Hyderabad Racing Circuit is now in its 3rd season.

The group organises races in Hyderabad. Races so far have been road races and ITTs. They also have a novel, handicap race. Where groups of cyclists are flagged off on the basis of their capability, which allows everyone to enjoy being competitive, even with wildly varying capabilities.

You can read our article on HRC’s handicap race here.

Get in touch with them on the HRC Facebook page.

Amateur bicycle races in India
An ATH race held in high security Lutyens Delhi. Quite the feat to pull this off!

Madras Racing Circuit

Madras Racing Circuit organises races in Chennai.

They organise road races and ITTs. The racing out here is very focussed.

You can read about the first ‘No Contact ITT‘ in the country by MRC.

MRC is proper underground racing, with no FB, Insta page. Races are announced on their WhatsApp group and people turn up to race!

You can get in touch with them through Kandappa Ch on Instagram, the gentleman behind the races.

Mad Over Biking

Mad Over Biking is an NCR based race organiser.

MOB has been organising road races in and around Delhi for the last few years. They also have been actively organising virtual competitions.

You can read our article on MOB here.

Get in touch with them on the MOB Instagram page.

MTB Jaipur

MTB Jaipur is a race organiser which holds regular races in the Pink City.

As the name suggests, the team organises mountain bike races in the Aravallis. The up and coming club has been helping youngsters from the city sharpen their trail skills.

You can check them out on the MTB Jaipur Website.

Mumbai MTB Offroaders

Mumbai MTB Offroaders regularly organise mountain bike races in and around the city.

MMO Racing as they call themselves, organise 8 races every year. The MTB races include, DH, XC and Enduro.

You can find them on the MMO Instagram page.

Riders of the Storm

Riders of the Storm are a Chandigarh based race club which was founded in 2016.

They organise both road and MTB races in the city. The ROS races have helped some great local talent to hone their skills along the way.

You can get in touch with them on the ROS Instagram page.

Amateur bicycle races in India
Amateur races should be welcoming for all. Irrespective of bike, gender or capability.

Spokehub Cycling

Spokehub Cycling organises fantastic races in Guwahati.

They organise DH and XC races, which are attended not just by folks of the city, but also by cyclists from other surrounding states.

The races are not just competitive, but also have that cool vibe to it. Something which many others will just wish for!

You can get in touch with them on the Spokehub Instagram page.

The Sahayadri Classic

The Sahayadri Classic is a hill climb race held in the ghats around Pune.

This is an annual race, held in December or January, when the weather is good to ride in the ghats!

You climb 4 ghats in this race, and only the climbing time is added up, while your remaining time doesn’t get counted. It is a fun race with some tough competition turning up on race day.

Have a look at them on the Sahayadri Classic Website.

Trivandrum Racing League

Trivandrum Racing League organises races in probably the southern most part of India. Unlikely that you will find a race any further south!

TRL organises road races and criteriums since 2019. 2020 was dull as for everyone, we hope they will be back to organising races for folks of the city this year.

You can get in touch with them on the TRL Instagram page.

W.O.W Racing

Warrior On Wheels Racing is a Ahmedabad based racing crew.

W.O.W organises road races in the city regularly. As in many other places, the organisers themselves race!

You can get in touch with them on the W.O.W Instagram page.


Western State Sports Management is a Pune based race organiser.

They organise races in and around the city. WSSM organises road races, crits, hill climb races and more.

Check them out on the WSSM Facebook page.

amateur bicycle races in India
Racing makes you fitter, faster!

Photos Courtesy: Aravalli Trailhunters

This list of amateur bicycle races in India is surely not exhaustive. And will continuously be updated to assist passionate bicycle racers find races across the country.

If you know of any amateur bicycle races in India being organised anywhere, let us know in the comments below. We will be grateful for your help and add those club races to the list.

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