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Its been all quiet on the western front for far too long. No new stories and blogs emanating from this keyboard.

On the 1st of April we promised to do more with this blog going forward, but we were doing less! Or so it seemed on the outside.

Behind the scenes we have been working hard to update, upgrade and bring something spanking new for the Indian cyclist.

Drum Rolllllllll…

Without further delay, presenting the Cycling Monks Forums

A platform for cyclists of India to voice their opinions and be heard. For the last 18 months, we have tried to connect cyclists across genres and geographical boundaries in the country. We have now taken the next logical step to connect Indian cyclists.

The Inspiration

Erstwhile was an excellent cycling forum which helped innumerable cyclists in improving their knowledge of cyclists. Unfortunately it shut down a few years ago and since then there has been a void in the online community.

Truth be told there are a number of cycling Facebook and innumerable WhatsApp groups. The downside of these groups are that they are closed to people from various persuasions. Discussions which happen behind closed doors cannot be shared with others. As such a lot of good knowledge goes to waste.

On this public forum, anyone can access all the wonderful member generated content, anytime and anyplace. So that no knowledge shared gets wasted.

There’s Something for Everyone…

Cycling is diverse.

For some it is a sport, for others a means of staying fit, for others it is to reduce their carbon footprint and still more use it to see the world.

But for every one of us cyclists, it is to connect with like minded people who share the passion of pedal powered two wheels.

Old and young, experienced and beginner alike, the common feeling is of exhilaration and freedom.

Though discussions tend to vary, from the singular goal of winning for athletes, to reaching work safely for commuters. That is why the forums have various sections.

For those interested in racing, those looking for help to solve problems with their bike, to those looking to improve their endurance capabilities. There’s a discussion section for you and if there isn’t, then get in touch, we will figure something out!

Go Post Now!

So Sign Up and start posting about your cycling life ASAP. And don’t forget to tell your cycling buddies as well!

Oh and yeah, do read these quick Guidelines for posting on the forum…

Last, But Surely Not The Least…

Thanks to Chaitra B. for helping out with getting the forums on the road and redoing the website. Without her technical expertise and help, the Cycling Monks forum would not be possible!

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