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    The BTwin Triban RC 120 Owner Review by Sundaram Sharma. He shares his experience of this cycle after clocking 3600 km and 9 months.

    No. of years cycling: 7 years
    Model: Triban RC 120
    Bought on: 1st Nov 2019
    Place of purchase: Decathlon
    Approx number of kilometres clocked: 3675 km

    Buying experience: Decathlon first provides the customer to check the product by operating it by themselves, so I got a good look at the bike first and had a very good experience.

    Other models considered at the time of purchase: Scott road bike but it was out of stock, and out of budget too as extra charges for importing were too high!

    Reason for the purchase of this model: Triban RC 120 is an entry level road bike in budget. If we talk about performance it is an awesome road bike for starting the career and completing a quarter of it.

    Positive of this bike: The weight of this bike is close to professional road bikes and they have provided a carbon fork in the frame.

    Negative of this bike: The wheel frame is very weak and due to this the wheel gets damaged very easily.

    Will I recommend this bike: Yes I will recommend this bike. As for starters and state level roadies this is a perfect beast to race with. It comes in budget so no problem will be there!