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    Mach City Munich Single Speed Owner Review by Vivek Bhapkar from Nagpur, Maharashtra, after riding 8000 km.

    Purchase Month: June 2020 during lockdown

    Distance Ridden: Total 8000 km ride done in 10 months

    Things Replaced: 1st time replaced the chain after completing 8000 km

    Tyres: Tyres  are 700x35C, which is good grip tyres. 30 to 50 psi pressure is mentioned on the tyres.  But I fill 60 psi pressure. Because of which for 10 months I have no punctures.

    Usage: I use this bike for city commute/ weekend ride & touring purpose. I personally gain the average speed on this bike is 25km per hour.

    Changes Desired: Mach City Munich bike should come with 700/ 28 size tyres because already I gained 25 speed on 35 size tyre. When I will run this bike with 28 size tyres I will definitely cover more speed than 25.

    Verdict: Over all frame is good