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    Week 81 update of the Cycling Monks Strava Group. Week ending 19th December 2021.

    Club Stats. 1594 members collectively rode 95692 km in 2540 rides, climbing 452891 metres in 4521 hours!

    The number of members are up by 19 as compared to last week. The week saw everyone collectively ride more or less the same. With total distance, elevation gained, number of rides and time spent on the saddle were all constant.

    To be in the top 100, you needed to ride minimum 283 km during the week!

    There were 7 who averaged more than 100 km a day!

    1 rode a 1000, 5 rode a 600, 16 rode at least a quadruple century, 34 rode a triple and 45 rode at least a 200.

    43 averaged above 30 kmph for the week. 9 climbed more than 4000 metres… Incredible riding by everyone.

    Kudos to all the riders who have been working hard on their saddles…

    Leaderboard: Overall

    7 riders averaged more than 100 km a day.

    FB Vaibhav from Delhi was top of the charts. He rode an incredible 1047 km.

    In second place is Abhishek Fale from Maharashtra who rode 1021 km in the week.

    Third spot is taken by Sagar Shirbhate from Maharashtra. He rode 983 km.

    Leaderboard: Women

    The women’s leaderboard was lacklustre. To be in the top 10, you needed to ride just 155+ km…

    Naazia Farhein from Tamil Nadu was top of the charts this week. Riding an incredible 738 km. She is 7th overall. She was top lady last two weeks as well.

    Next up is Swati Sablok from Punjab. Who rode an impressive 466 km. She is 34th overall.

    Third is Sanjana Sudhir from Kerala who rode 366 km. She was 3rd last two weeks.

    There are 7 women in the top 100 this week, 6 more than last week.

    Leaderboard: Longest Ride

    Long rides once again are LONG!

    Top spot goes to Abhishek Fale from Maharashtra for the longest ride. He did a 1010 km long ride!

    Next up is Sagar Shirbhate from Maharashtra having done a 619 km long ride.

    Third is Hrishikesh Kashikar from Maharashtra, who did a 619 km long ride.

    Leaderboard: Fastest

    The top 43 have been riding at a seriously impressive pace. The top two guys swapped places.

    Fastest of the lot is Michael Joseph from Tamil Nadu who averaged an incredible 36.1 kmph over the week! He was second fastest last week.

    Second fastest for the week is Hemings from Karnataka whose weekly average is a fantastic 35.9 kmph.

    Third is Aditya Srikar from Tamil Nadu averaging 35.9 kmph over the week.

    Leaderboard: Queen/ King of the Mountain

    The climbing leaderboard saw some new names and some old!

    Climber of the week is Abhishek Fale from Maharashtra having climbed 7701 metres.

    Second is Gaurav Negi from Himachal Pradesh who climbed 5893 metres.

    Third is Prince Joseph from Kerala, who climbed 5126 metres during the week.

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