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      Here’s a list of the 10 most expensive cycles in India being sold currently! Which one of these drool inducing machines is your dream bike?

      10 Most Expensive Cycles in India…

      10 most expensive cycles in India

      Bicycles are expensive and cheap simultaneously. It depends entirely on the spectrum of bikes you are looking at.

      If you are interested in using a cycle to commute, then you better get a cheap bike and you will also end up saving a lot of money. But this list isn’t to help you save money.

      Here’s the top 10 most expensive cycles in India! Bikes which you will have to sell not just your own, but your neighbour’s kidneys as well to buy!!!

      Number 10: Giant Propel Advanced Pro 1 Disc

      Cheapest of the lot!

      This bike from the Taiwanese global giant (apologies for the terrible pun) is sold by the company’s Indian subsidiary.

      Giant Propel Pro 1 Disc

      A gorgeous aero road race bike, is sold in a pretty rosewood colour. Components are integrated on this bike, making it a pleasure to behold.

      The bike comes with a 22-speed Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, disc brakes, carbon wheels, carbon fork and frame.

      This bike will ensure you win the race and if you don’t it is because your legs let you down!

      The cheapest bike in this list retails for a cool INR 459999/-. Only! You can check it out on the Giant India Website.

      Number 9: Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1

      The next bike on this illustrious list is again from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

      This TT bike built for triathlons is fast. But like most TT bikes, it isn’t pretty. That mantle is left for road bikes to carry forward.

      Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 1

      Among other things about the bike which makes it slice through the air faster, it also has a hydration unit at the front, a water bottle on the downtube and a storage box on the top tube. All of which supposedly makes the bike even more aero as per the company.

      This carbon frame and fork bike is available in Rainbow Black. Now one will have to go in search of rainbows which are black, but still!

      It also boasts electronic shifting with a 24-speed SRAM Force eTap AXS setup. Needless to say, everything on this bike is geared to making you more aerodynamic. Going faster without expending excessive energy.

      This pretty pony costs INR 479999/-. And of course, you are going to be upgrading the wheelset the moment you buy it! You can check it out on the Giant India Website.

      Number 8: Pinarello Grevil

      Gravel bikes are supposed to be do-it-all bikes. The ubiquitous one bike to face any challenge. Including a slow commute to the coffee shop.

      But Pinarello didn’t get the memo mebbe!

      Pinarello Grevil

      This work of art from the Italian manufacturer, is built to be ridden on dirt and gravel. Most owners end up riding it on the road with road wheels and tyres only!

      The Grevil is a carbon bike, which is out to tame all road conditions. Including your wallet.

      The Pinarello Grevil uses Shimano’s gravel specific drivetrain, the GRX. A 1×11 setup which is enough to deal with the dirt. But might leave you wanting if you indulge yourself in a fast ride with your roadie friends…

      The Grevil retails for a cool INR 499000/-, a nice price point. Making you forget that it costs 5 lakh rupees… You can find it on the Mastermind India Website. The official distributors for Pinarello in India.

      Number 7: Merida Big Nine 8000

      Merida is another Taiwanese company with a bicycle in this list.

      This is a Hardtail MTB made for your XC racing needs. The frame is of course carbon and one of the lightest in this segment. This carbon frame is mated with a Rock Shox SID Ultimate 100 mm travel air fork.

      Merida Big Nine 8000

      Drivetrain duties are taken care of by SRAM X01 Eagle and brakes are SRAM Centerline X, with 180- and 160-mm rotors.

      This gorgeous piece of kit can be yours for just INR 509990/- in India. You can check out more on the Extreme Adventure Sports website, the authorised distributors of Merida in India.

      Number 6: Trek Domane SL 7 eTap

      An endurance road bike from the American bike manufacturer. The Trek Domane SL 7 eTap is a bike that ticks all the boxes in your checklist.

      This carbon bike comes with electronic shifting in the form of SRAM Force eTap AXS, a pre-installed power meter and swanky carbon wheels.

      Trek Domane SL 7 eTap

      It also comes with internal storage in the downtube. Tough to beat that for cool features.

      On the practical side, it employs IsoSpeed for the front and rear to soak up road buzz and keep you comfortable over longer distances.

      The bike can also fit in 38 mm tyres to deal with the roughest roads you will encounter.

      This bike can be yours for INR 533499. Check it out on the Trek Bikes India Website.

      Number 5: Lapierre Pulsium Ultimate

      French brand Lapierre is known for making some of the best bikes in the world. And the Pulsium Ultimate is well, quite the ultimate bike to have in your garage.

      This full carbon bike, comes with Shimano’s top of the line Dura Ace Di2. An electronic shifting drivetrain system.

      Lapierre Pulsium Ultimate

      Wheels are by Mavic and finishing parts are by Zipp.

      You can check out more of this bike on the Suncross India Website, the official distributors of the brand in India. The Lapierre Pulsium Ultimate retails for INR 565950/- in India.

      Number 4: Trek Fuel EX 9.9 XO1

      The Fuel EX 9.9 X01 is an extremely capable mountain bike from the house of Trek.

      This full carbon, full suspension bike promises to deliver everything you need on the trails. From climbing finesse to descending agility through tight single tracks. The Trek uses a Fox 140mm travel fork and 55 mm travel rear shock.

      Trek Fuel EX 9.9 XO1

      Wheels on this bike are carbon and tubeless ready. Drivetrain is top of the line SRAM X01 Eagle, a 12-speed system.

      This mouth wateringly gorgeous bike can be yours for INR 583499/-. You can check it out on the Trek India Website.

      Number 3: Giant XTC Advanced SL 29 O

      Another hardtail to get you excited!

      The Giant XTC Advanced SL 29 0 is a XC bike which is built to get you accelerating hard and going fast.

      Giant XTC Advanced SL 29 O

      This full carbon bike comes with a top-of-the-line Fox 32 Float SC Factory, 100 mm travel fork.

      You also get Shimano XTR 1×12 speed drivetrain to help you go even faster. Brakes are again Shimano XTR models with 180- and 160-mm rotors.

      This bike can be yours for INR 599,999/-. Check it out on the Giant India Website.

      Number 2: Factor Ostro VAM

      From the premium British bicycle company, Factor, comes the Ostro VAM.

      The Ostro is an aero bike with disc brakes and it weighs less than a magic carpet! Its not just the bike that is lightweight, but also your wallet after buying one.

      Factor Ostro VAM

      This full carbon bike comes as a frame, fork, seat post and bar stem only. The rest you choose how you would like to build it up.

      An aero bike by trade, this machine has all sorts of tricks up its sleeves to make you slip through the wind. The bike is disc brake compatible only, as well as being compatible only with electronic shifting.

      You can bring one home, for just INR 749,000/-. Err, and this is just the starting price, it goes north from here! Check it out on the Mastermind India Website, Factor’s official distributor in the country.

      Number 1: Colnago C64 Disc

      The Colnago C64 is where art, meets history, meets engineering and mostly meets love at first sight!

      This gorgeous Italian masterpiece is named as such, because it was launched in the 64th year of the company’s rich history.

      Colnago C64

      This beautiful machine is a climber’s delight, but will also be adept at managing all your rides.

      The C64 with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 setup costs INR 796000/-. This is the base model. The price of this bike goes right up to INR 1029000/- for the SRAM Red eTap version.

      You can check out the bike on the Mastermind India Website, Colnago’s official distributor in the country.

      These are the most expensive bikes being sold currently in India. Do you know any bikes which are more expensive than these 10?

      Do you know which cycle brands are available in India? Read here.

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        As always, CyclingMonks is powered by the community.

        We missed out the most expensive cycle currently sold in India!

        Anirudh Chadha pointed us out in the right direction…


        Bianchi Oltre XR4 Disc Super Record EPS 12 SP

        The Bianchi Oltre XR4 Disc Super Record is a full carbon bike, built to be run with an electronic shifting groupset and disc brakes. This is a premium bicycle from a premium Italian manufacturer.

        The bike comes equipped with top of the line components from Campagnolo, another premium Italian brand. Drivetrain duties are taken care of by the Super Record EPS, an electronic shifting unit, with a 2×12 gear range.

        Brakes are flat mount discs again from Campagnolo. Wheels are carbon Fulcrum Wind 550 DB.

        This incredible machine is available in Black in India and not Bianchi’s trademark colour. You can park one in your garage for a sweet INR 1198382/-. Check it out on the ChooseMyBicycle Website.

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