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      CFI (Cycling Federation of India) has announced that the 2022 Road Nationals will once again be held in the last week of November.

      The 2022 Road Nationals will be held in Telangana. The previous two Road Nationals were held in Kurukshetra and Panvel respectively.

      Specific dates for the nationals have as yet not been announced, nor has the location of the races. We presume that the races will be held in or around Hyderabad.

      Hyderabad sitting pretty on the Deccan Plateau is largely flat. Nonetheless, some highway systems of the area have gentle rolling terrain, which should be ever so slightly different from the previous two locations.

      The rolling terrain, will make it more exciting with more attacks. And a whole range of race craft and strategies.

      Hopefully, this coming championship will shake up the order of racing a bit!

      Below is the declaration by CFI regarding the 2022 Road Racing Championship:

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