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      Meet 79-year-old Josettan from Thrissur, Kerala.
      This young man will be riding from  Kerala all the way to Khardung La in Ladakh.
      Josettan’s journey, titled ‘Wheels of Life’, is being conducted with the aim of inspiring youngsters to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. Necessary in this day and age, where kids (and adults) have incredible screen time and minimal green time.
      Josettan in his heyday won at the state and national level in swimming, cycling and running competitions. He believes that sports can reduce the influence of drugs and alcohol on the youth, which is another reason for this arduous journey.
      Lastly, Josettan will also be part of the Central Government’s initiative of ‘Cheer for India’ campaign, to spread awareness about Indian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics.
      This journey will take Josettan, the better part of two months and we wish him love and luck as he pedals away to Ladakh. His ride started from Thrissur on the 15th of July.
      We are sure that everyone who comes in contact with him will be as inspired by him as we are…
      Photos: Friends & Well Wishers of Josettan
      Story Contributed by: @dhruvan_raja_pk / @thrissuronacycle
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