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      Bangalore Airport is now open to cyclists on Sundays, announced BIAL, the airport operator. This announcement was made in unison with the Bicycle Mayor of Bangalore, Sathya Sankaran.

      Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that you can ride on the runway to catch your flight! Else you could shoot a cycle version of Fast & Furious 6…

      What it does mean is that, you can pedal around the airport campus and grab a coffee and breakfast at the ‘Quad’. Secure parking facilities for cyclists will be provided by the airport authorities.

      Earlier BIAL did not allow cyclists to ride in the campus. Now you can take your cycle and ride there on Sundays mornings between 6 to 9:30.

      The Bangalore authorities have urged all cyclists to use this opportunity responsibly and follow the rules.

      Considering that the Bangalore airport is 35 km from the city (which in traffic feels like 500 km!). One can expect cyclists to head straight to the breakfast counter on reaching the airport.

      Or will we see cyclists driving to the airport and cycling there and driving back?

      Look forward to seeing how this pans out and the response from the city’s cyclists to this cool new breakfast ride spot.

      News Source: Indian Express

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