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      Here’s a list of the best bicycle races in Tamil Nadu, where you can work on your skills and competitive spirit. The list comprises both road and mountain bike races.

      Amateur races are arguably the purest form of racing. You spend money, time, energy and for what. Just for pride. To beat your competition. And feel that adrenalin rush.

      You don’t win big prize money, no photographs in the newspaper, no adulating fans.

      There is only one reason why you go racing at these amateur races. For the love of the sport. Because from the racers to the organisers to the volunteer marshals, every single person is there because they are brimming with passion for the sport.

      These amateur races are also an excellent testing ground for the competitive folk to sharpen their skills. It lets you push yourself to the limits, with nothing at stake, but pride.

      There is no quicker way to get fitter on a bike than racing. Having your ass whooped by your riding buddy, will make you pull out all stops to extract sweet revenge in the next race. In the process you and your buddy, will get faster…

      The race organisers’ list below is not exhaustive. If you feel we have missed out on any bicycle races, let us know in the comments below!

      Rush Bicycle Championship

      Chennai Cyclists is a humongous cycling group in that city. With chapters spread out across the city.

      WCCG also organises races for cyclists of Chennai. These are road races, crits and Time Trials.

      WCCG isn’t just involved in racing though, they are present in every form of cycling within the city. An incredible cycling group, who can be a role model for many groups around the country.

      You can check out the bicycle races of Chennai on the WCCG Website.

      Coimbatore Racing League

      This group has been organising bicycle races in Tamil Nadu since 2021. The races are held in and around Coimbatore. With bicycle races being held throughout the year.

      Race formats include, Time Trials, Team Time Trials, Handicapped races, Team Relay and Hill Climb races.

      You can find them on their Instagram page.

      Madras Racing Circuit

      Madras Racing Circuit organises races in Chennai.

      They organise road races and ITTs. The racing is focussed and serious. Races are normally held on the 4th Sunday of the month.

      Its an underground racing scene, so you have to find them before you can race with them!

      You can read about the first ‘No Contact ITT‘ in the country by MRC.

      Thanks to Michael Joseph from Chennai for helping us put together the list of bicycle races in Tamil Nadu. If you feel we have missed any races, do let us know!

      Also check out our list of Amateur Races in India and some of the Best Races in India.

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        Tamil Nadu Cycling League

        TCL is a CFI (Cycling Federation of India) backed bicycle league, which is open to all residents of Tamil Nadu.

        It is racing which is held on motorsports race tracks.

        The event organisers state:

        “The Tamilnadu Cycling League (TCL) is the first racing League event in India to bring out the best cyclists of the country.”

        You can check out more on their Instagram Page.

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