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      Owner Review of the Bryton Rider 450 & Garmin Edge 520 cycle computers. Review of Bryton vs Garmin after owning and using it for more than 12 months each!

      Bryton vs Garmin
      The Bryton Rider 450 alongside the Garmin Edge 520

      Garmin is the industry leader in bicycle computers across the globe. Even cyclists who started riding yesterday, would have heard of Garmin today! Bryton on the other hand has been around for more than a decade, but has not yet been able to challenge Garmin’s dominance.

      We took two mid-level products of Bryton and Garmin, the Rider 450 and Edge 520, used them for a year and share our thoughts on what it is like to live with these devices.

      Bryton vs Garmin: Rider 450 vs Edge 520

      We compare the two devices on the basis of the following parameters of performance, which we think the typical user will be interested in.

      Getting Blessed, before getting tested!

      Both these devices are laden with many more features. But as with features in your smartphone, after the novelty factor wears off, you tend to forget and ignore the majority of features!


      We thought of starting this comparison review with a feature which both devices have. The Rider 450 comes with breadcrumb style maps, while the Edge 520 has a basemap. Translated in real terms, neither are helpful in navigation.

      We are so spoilt with big screens and ease-of-use of smartphones, that trying to squint and stare and figure out a line-map without details, is difficult. Routes on the Bryton cannot be adjusted mid-ride, neither will it re-route if you get off the desired route. The Garmin map gets confusing if you are at a roundabout with multiple turnoffs. Since there is no detail, it is easy enough to take the wrong turn.

      Both the devices don’t score well here. You are better off with your phone for navigation, even if it means stopping to check your route.

      Battery Backup

      Bryton claims 32 hours for the Rider 450, while the Edge 520 has a claimed 15 hours. When you pair multiple sensors, like HRM, cadence, speed, powermeter etc., then the backup reduces significantly for both.

      Nonetheless, the Bryton easily outlasts the Garmin by a decent margin. An important qualitative differentiator for people who majorly are into endurance riding. One less electronic which needs frequent recharging.

      Sensor Pairing

      Ideally, you would be pairing your sensors to the head units only once. And never think about it ever again.

      Both the Bryton and Garmin are equally good in this respect. It is equally fast and convenient with both devices to pair your various sensors.

      Garmin Edge 520
      Ready to Ride…

      The big difference being, that Garmin works only with ANT+ sensors, while Bryton works with ANT+ and BLE sensor technology.

      Display & Functions

      Both the units come with a 2.3″ display, while the 520 has a coloured screen, the 450 has an LCD screen.

      Neither have a touch screen, with buttons on the side of the device to operate it. The buttons are easy to operate while riding and without looking down for too long. If you are shifting from one brand to another, it does take some time getting used to. Same as when you shift from iOS to Android or vice versa.

      You can set up the device with your preferred screens through the phone app., or directly on the device itself. Of course, it is much more convenient on the phone.

      The Rider 450 is 9 grams heavier than the Edge 520. Both units are rated IPX7 waterproof, but a quick scan of the internet and you will many owners who have had issues with the Bryton in heavy rain.

      When you fire up the devices for your ride, both devices take roughly the same amount of time to find a GPS signal. The Bryton being slightly faster in this regard, but nothing of significance.

      Both the devices have buttons at the bottom of the unit, which are difficult to access when it is mounted on the stem. The mounting system on the two is similar and are as likely to fall off in case of a crash. Using the lanyard provided with the device is a good idea, especially if you are heading out on trails.

      Both devices also connect to your phone to display incoming calls, SMS and WhatsApp messages. Once connected, the notifications are seamless on both.


      The Garmin easily outscores the Bryton in this regard.

      You get a VO2 Max calculator, if you have a power meter and heart-rate monitor on the Edge 520. This is of course a guesstimate, and can probably throw amateur athletes off-kilter with their training.

      The Edge 520 also tells you at the end of the ride about your recovery time. This is estimated basis your exertion during a ride, calculated from your HRM data. The hours displayed for recovery do feel kind of right, when contrasted against how your body feels. Having said that, it may or may not be the same experience for all riders.

      Another training or more like socialising feature of the Garmin is its Strava integration. The device will beep and inform you when you are approaching a Strava segment that you have starred. Whether this will help you train harder or just help you brag harder with your cycling buddies is open to question!

      The Rider 450 has none of these features. It does have the ability to sync with TrainingPeaks though. You can sync it once and it will show your workouts on the device.

      Customisable options of what you would like to see on the screen

      Phone Applications

      Since both these devices connect and are controlled by their respective phone applications, you end up spending considerable time on these apps. The Garmin App feels much smoother and user friendly as compared to the Bryton App.

      bryton vs garmin
      Bryton vs Garmin Apps!

      The Bryton App would have felt contemporary in 2015, now it is dated. Having said that, the company has updated the app considerably over time. It is still some distance behind the Garmin Connect App in terms of functionality.

      Bryton vs Garmin: Verdict

      Overall, the Garmin feels more premium to own and use as compared to the Bryton. Which feels a little basic in comparison. That is till you compare prices. Then the Bryton Rider 450 feels like excellent value for money as compared to the Garmin Edge 520.

      Both the companies have now upgraded these models and now have higher spec units sold in the market.

      Bryton sells the Rider 420 for 160 USD, while Garmin sells the Edge 530 for 300 USD. Bryton now also has a model at the same price as the Edge 530. This new model is the Bryton S500 for 300 USD, which once again is laden with features to make it more value for money as compared to the Garmin.

      Which should you buy? Comparing prices, the Bryton seems a better deal. But the Garmin devices have been market leaders for a long time, and you the premium for that!

      Read, our full Review of the Bryton Rider 450. Also read, Apidura Backcountry Bikepacking Bags Review.

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