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      Sahil Mhapankar shares his experience of carrying his bicycle on the Mumbai Metro, as he travel from Dindoshi to Dahisar metro stations.

      Cycling as a commute and lifestyle is an important part of the global urban infrastructure. With fuel prices spiralling out of control in India and roads congested beyond repair. The humble bicycle provides a wonderful alternative to smoke spewing automobiles.

      Using pedal power is fantastic to go around the house to pick up groceries and other small errands. But when the distances increase, then things change. That increased distance becomes a deterrent for people to hop onto their bicycles and use it for commute purposes.

      And this is where, cycling infrastructure must grow in conjunction with city infrastructure. Most Indian metro cities are now blessed with a sprawling metro rail network. It therefore makes perfect sense to marry the metro with a bicycle. With the former covering major distance, and the latter providing last mile connectivity.

      We have seen cycles being allowed in the metro in cities like Kochi, Chennai and Hyderabad with some success and failure. Latest in the fray is the Mumbai metro.

      Here’s our friend, Sahil Mhapankar’s account of travelling in the Mumbai metro. Give it a read and if you live in Mumbai, then give the metro a GO!

      Sahil Carrying a Bicycle on Mumbai Metro

      On the very first day of the Metro launch, I went for a trail run from Dindoshi to Dahisar with a friend of mine. During the ride I noticed that each of the compartments had a place for parking your bicycle during the journey. Along with collapsible seats by its side, so I had to try it out.carrying bicycle in Mumbai Metro

      Next day on my way to Vasai I got the bike up from Dindoshi Metro station via the elevator and rode it straight to the ticket counter. All the staff and security people were somewhat baffled as it was their first time having a bicycle at the station.

      After a brief discussion with their supervisors/ team they got to know that it was alright to let me in with the bicycle. I got a ticket from the counter & here comes the surprise that taking my bicycle with me didn’t cost me a single additional rupee apart from my ticket which in your regular local railway’s costs around ₹200 or even higher depending upon the mood of TT.

      After the security check and clearance, I headed to the lift for reaching the platform which was like walking the red carpet. Everyone was clicking pictures and shooting videos around me. Even within the train everyone’s eyes were on the bicycle and they started coming over to take pictures, videos etc.

      Managed to get the bicycle stand working somehow only to find out that it barely holds a double wall rim MTB (mine is a 29er). As the clasps have lesser size constraints than my bicycle’s rim & tyre size.

      carrying bicycle in mumbai metro

      But any other bicycle within the clasp capacity should easily lock in there. As I did with a hybrid bicycle having 700c tyres (Check the pictures).

      Me and a fellow cyclist got down at Dahisar Metro station. We were escorted to the exit by the team. As it was their first time going through the procedure for a bicycle on Metro.

      Super exhilarating journey it was. It would help a lot of people along the way. Perhaps even making office on cycle a reality for many others around Mumbai like it has been and is for me.

      I’m hoping more streamlined arrangements come to place soon. And the Metro adapts to this soon enough as many cyclists are going to join this. Also, hope that the people use this facility carefully and make it last.

      Just beside Aarey Metro Station you’ll also find a Mybyk Bicycle rental stand which should soon be operational. Check the details about the same in attached pictures.

      Text & Photos: Sahil Mhapankar 

      Thanks to Sahil for sharing his experience. You can read Prajwal’s experience of riding the Hyderabad Metro with his Bicycle and Adhil’s experience of riding the Kochi Metro with his bicycle!

      Also read Mayur’s experience of commuting by cycle in Bangalore and Tips on Bicycle Commutes to your Workplace.

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