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      🚴‍♂️ Train Travel with a Carbon Bike: Anirudh’s Adventure! 🚄🚲

      A question we get very often from the cycling community is that how does one travel with their bicycle in a train. Anirudh tell us how, why and what to do if you want to carry your bicycle in the train.

      And he carried his carbon fibre race bicycle for the 2023 National Road Cycling Championship from New Delhi to Vijayapura. So this is helpful for you as well, if you have an expensive bike to travel with.

      1️⃣ Train vs. Flight Dilemma🚂✈️

      Anirudh chose the train over a flight because the closest airport, Kolhapur, was 400 km away from Vijayapura. A round trip by flight, including cab fares, would have cost him a whopping 25k! Train travel proved to be a more economical choice.

      2️⃣ Safely Packing the Carbon Bike🚴‍♂️👜

      Worried about disassembling his bike, Anirudh sought help from Hitesh Sablok, an endurance athlete. Hitesh provided a bike bag that allowed him to keep the handlebar and Di2 derailleurs intact, reducing packing time to just 10-15 mins. This also meant that Anirudh didn’t have to disassemble tricky internal cable routing and hydraulic brake systems.

      3️⃣ Booking Luggage Separately🚄💼

      Anirudh highlights the importance of booking your bike bag separately at the railway station. Skipping this step may lead to fines, and the cost varies based on the journey length. He paid INR 425 for the bike bag from Delhi to Vijayapura, a small price to avoid potential fines. You have to book the extra luggage you are carrying at the parcel office in the boarding station.

      4️⃣ Choosing the Right Coach 🎫🚂

      Anirudh opted for a first-class AC ticket with a coupe to ensure ample space for his non-sleek bike bag. The added benefit was reaching Vijayapura directly without the need for extra transport. In the coupe, there was Anirudh, his friend and the bicycle bags and other equipment.

      5️⃣ Cost Comparison💸🕰️

      The entire round trip, including the first-class AC ticket, cost Anirudh around 19k. While the train journey had its delays (8.5 hours going, 6 hours returning), the convenience and economic viability made it a preferred choice. If he had flown, he would have also had to spend for a large cab (Innova sized) to travel from Kolhapur to Vijayapura.

      6️⃣ Recommendation and Considerations 🚄🌨️

      Anirudh recommends train travel, emphasizing its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Many athletes from across India opt for trains due to the lack of direct flight connectivity. However, he advises travellers to factor in potential delays during winters.

      carrying carbon bicycle by train in India
      A lot of bicycle equipment needs to be carried by bicycle racers

      Photos: Anirudh Chadha

      If you found this useful. You can read our comprehensive Guide to Transporting your Bicycle in India here.

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