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      Rejoice all of you who want to train with your heart rate, but don’t want to spend on a cycle computer.

      Now you can connect your Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor to the Strava app on your phone. This will help you train better without having to spend separately on a GPS enabled cycle computer.

      The Strava phone app earlier had this feature. But the company had to disable it because it was causing stability issues with their app and the Strava ecosystem.

      After Beta testing it for the last couple of months, Strava has made it open for public use. If this works smoothly, then they will allow connecting your cadence and power meters to your phone as well.

      How To?

      Here’s how:

      Click on ‘RECORD’ ride. At the bottom of the screen you will see a HEART SYMBOL, located below Sri Lanka in the image! Click on the heart.

      Make sure the Bluetooth is switched on, on your phone. Wear your HRM strap. You will see it on this page. Click on connect. It will take you back to the previous map screen. Start recording your ride and have your heart rate data as well at the end of the ride.

      News Source: Bike Radar


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