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      Cycles sales have increased in many big cities of India post the lockdown. People are looking for a means of exercise while maintaining social distancing norms.

      With gyms and swimming pools being forced to shut because of the pandemic, fitness enthusiasts are turning towards cycles.

      Others are also looking at cycles as a viable means of transportation for shorter distances.

      Times of India reports on an increase in sales of bikes costing 5000+ in Bangalore. While The New Indian Express reports similar increase in Kolkata.

      Bangalore stores report a whopping 60% increase in enquiries for their imported bikes. Even Kolkata has a similar tale to tell.

      In fact some stores are worried about their depleting stock, especially those selling imported bikes.

      Presumably, other big cities in India will also be experiencing a steady increase in the sales of bicycles.

      Hindustan Times has a report of the global increase in cycle sales for commuting, so that people can avoid using public transport.

      Cycling groups in Kolkata are fighting hard to allow cyclists onto roads which they were previously restricted to ride on. That is an ongoing struggle.

      Has cycling picked up in your city as well?

      News Source: TOI & The New Indian Express

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          Cycle Sales up in Guwahati as well during the lockdown reports Guwahati Plus.


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