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      Below is a list of Cycling Clubs in Assam. This list is community sourced and will be constantly updated as per inputs from the community.

      Cycling Clubs in Assam

      By Nejib Ahmed – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=59348869

      Name: Assam Cycling Community
      City: State of Assam
      Contact: Instagram Page
      About: Assam Cycling Community is open to all cyclists in the state of Assam. So if you belong to a city of Assam which does not have a cycling club, you can join this state-wide community. ACC associates and participates in a number of cycling events happening around the state.


      Name: Dibrugarh Cycling Club
      City: Dibrugarh
      Contact: Instagram Page
      About: Dibrugarh Cycling Club is a club based in the city of Dibrugarh, which is located in Upper Assam. The club organises a bunch of rides for their members, including environment friendly rides. Some of their members ride brevets as well. They also organise camps to help new cyclists learn more about cycling.


      Name: Duliajan Cycling Club
      City: Duliajan
      Contact: Instagram Page
      About: A town famous for its oil related industry, lies in the Dibrugarh district. The Duliajan Cycling Club is very active in organising rides for its members. Including long brevet style rides. The club promotes cycling as it is socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

      Duliajan Cycling Club has been connected with Cycling Monks for  a few years now, as they were a part of our Independence on Your Bike initiative in 2020 and we also featured their Daughter’s Day Ride in 2021.


      Name: Tilinga Sports Club
      City: Guwahati
      Contact: Instagram Page
      About: Tilinga Sports Club is a cycling club based in Guwahati and has been actively promoting cycling as a sport and lifestyle. The club also organises a number of social cause rides. Not just cycling, they also promote others sports as a lifestyle as well. The idea is to encourage youngsters to involve themselves in physical activities.

      Tilinga Sports Club has also been connected with CyclingMonks for a long time and was part of our Independence on Your Bike initiative in 2020.

      Name: Guwahati Cycling Community
      City: Guwahati
      Contact: Facebook Page
      About: Guwahati Cycling Community was formed to grow and develop the cycling culture in the city. The club promotes cycling with the aim to get people healthier and the city less polluted.


      Name: Jorhat Cycling Community
      City: Jorhat
      Contact: Facebook Page
      About: Located in the town of Jorhat, in Upper Assam. The town which was the Capital City under the Ahom Kingdom, is now home to a lot of cyclists. Jorhat Cycling Community is welcoming to people from all walks of life who enjoy cycling. As they say, “Riding safely together, keeping fit & looking out for each other! The bonding and time spent together on trips and events is simply priceless!!

      Contributed by: Raj Prohlad Neog


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      Know any Cycling Clubs in Assam that we have missed out? Let us know! Find any errors in the information above, let us know. Comment below or drop us a message on CyclingMonks Instagram


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