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      Close on the heels of the men’s Everesting record being taken down by Australian Lachlan Morton, the women’s Everesting record has also fallen. Britain’s ex-pro Emma Pooley bettered the previous Everesting record by a whopping 15 minutes.

      On 8th June 2020, 37-year-old Pooley rode the necessary 8848 metres in 8 hours 53 minutes and 36 seconds.

      She did this record setting ride in Switzerland on the incredibly steep Haggenegg climb. A 13% climb which gains 877 metres in just 6.74 kilometres. Her ride totalled just 137 km as a result. You can check out the Strava Segment here and her ride on Strava here.

      This was the first time that an Everesting attempt was recorded under 9 hours by a woman. The previous record being 9 hours 8 minutes set by Hannah Rhodes.

      The current lack of competitive sport globally has forced pros and amateurs alike to compete in offbeat things like Everesting. Where a ‘group’ of people isn’t required.

      This record has now been broken 4 times in the last three months!

      News Source: Cycling Tips

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