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    El Cic
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      I did a long cycle tour in 2018 from Bengaluru to Puduchery and in every village I passed dogs would give chase as I cycled. On one ocassion a feral dog on a ghat section showed some very aggressive behaviour.

      This January and February I  did some cycling in the rural areas outside Bikaner and Jaipur. In every village or town the dogs I encountered were passive and definitley not interested in me, my bicycle or giving chase. This made for a pleasant experience. After all, who wants to cycle faster to get away from a pack of dogs after many a weary kilometer?   Maybe the presence of other free animals such as cows and the kind way people treat dogs in Rajasthan make them more peaceful.  Whatever the reason, I am now planning a long and leisurely cycle ride Delhi-Bikaner-Jodhpur-Delhi  next winter.

      If it is of interest I have some short videos of my rides in both Rajasthan and Karnataka/Tamil Nadu here:

      New video 2

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        Interesting observation of yours about dogs…

        I experienced something different while cycling in these and other states of India.

        The maximum street dog menace was in places like Goa and other cities. Where people feed street dogs, adopt and abandon them a lot. These dogs tend to be much more territorial and therefore aggressive towards passersby.

        While the dogs in rural parts of the country, which are ‘wilder’, and fend for themselves are more reticent. These dogs do not get aggressive until and unless they fell threatened and cornered.

        El Cic
          • City: Newport (but heart is in India)

          I can’t explain the discrepancy in experiences in Bikaner/Jaipur rural areas.

          Yes. Goa. I was chased by what looked like all the dogs in the hamlet that I was cycling through. Vowed never to cycle in Goa again.  Same thing in a hamlet near the Karanataka/TN border. Same vow taken.

          When on tour I try and avoid the highways due to the heavy traffic there and lack of nature and interesting environment, so going through villages is necessary.   After the Karanataka/TN  experiences I carry on cycle tour dog deterrents such as pepper spray, ‘sonic weapons’ such as a police whistle and ‘food distraction’ in the form of crumbled biscuits.

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