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      The below information is for all those who are wondering on how to go racing your cycles at the Indian National Championships.

      With the road racing venue for 2022 having been declared. We received numerous queries from youngsters who want to race at the Indian Nationals. So this is for you guys and girls:

      Qualify At State Level

      Before you can go racing at the national level, you need to qualify for your state championships.

      Qualifying for your state is an inter-district race.

      For some states, you might also first have intra-district qualifiers, before you can represent your district at the state level. This varies from state to state, depending on the number of competing riders.

      The race flow is: intra-district < inter-district (or state selections) < nationals

      When Do the State Selections Happen?

      That is up to the discretion of the state. Some states hold it as close as 3 weeks prior to the nationals, while other states hold it a couple of months before the nationals.

      So with the road nationals scheduled to be in November end, state selections could be held anytime in between September to October.

      To get the specific information of when your state selections will happen, you need to contact the state’s federation representative. The state representative’s contact details are on the CFI Website.

      Alternately, you might find it easier to connect with experienced racers from your state, who can share the information with you.

      Licence to Race

      You needn’t worry about getting a CFI licence.

      You only need the licence when you qualify for the nationals. And it will be taken care off by your state officials. You will need to share basic details and photos for the same.

      Road vs Track vs MTB

      Wondering how does it work for your discipline of cycling?

      The above information is common for whether you are racing on Road, Track or Trail.

      Nationals Details

      On the CFI Website, the 2022 MTB National Championships is stated to be held from 29th September to 2nd October 2022 in Pune.

      The 2022 Track National Championships is scheduled to be held in the 3rd and 4th week of November 2022 in Guwahati.

      Contributed By: Prajwal Pingali

      Check out the racing from the MTB, DH and Track Nationals of 2021.

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