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      CyclingMonks is conducting a nationwide survey for the cycling community.

      Link to the Survey: https://forms.gle/1Q5KBxA3d2btZBL19


      Because Your Opinion Matters…

      Currently, there is minimal information available on our community, its cycling practices and experiences. This survey is the first step towards filling that gap. We will analyse the data and share our findings with all relevant stakeholders — industry leaders, policy makers, cycling evangelists, and of course, you.

      This survey is being conducted by CyclingMonks, a pan-Indian community, formed in 2018, to promote all forms of cycling in the country.

      All information entered will be strictly confidential. We will only be sharing our analysis and findings from this survey.

      Your participation is greatly valued and appreciated.

      We request you to share this survey on your cycling groups, across social networks. It takes approximately 2-5 minutes to fill.

      Thanks to each and every one of you who are helping build this beautiful and vigorous community!

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