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      Mach City iBike Single Speed Owner Review by Nilanjan Guha Majumder after riding 2000 km.

      mach city ibike owner review

      No. of years cycling: Since childhood, from around 6-7 years of age. Got into sports cycling in 2014.

      Model name: Mach City iBike Single Speed

      Bought on: 2014

      Place of purchase: From a local dealer near my hometown, which is 10 km from Kolkata.

      Approx no. of km clocked so far: I didn’t used to measure distance at that time, or kept records, but I guess I rode around 2000 km before selling that bike.

      Buying experience: Dealing with local dealers are always easy and hassle free. The dealer brought the stock within 2-3 days of placing the order, and assembling was good.

      Other models considered at the time of purchase: Btwin single speed models – I don’t remember the names right now.

      Reason for choosing this model: It was reasonably priced – 6200 at that time. Looked like a tough frame, which it was. Geometry was comfortable. That’s all that mattered at that time.

      Positives of this bike: Price was good, and frame and components were quality in that price. The bike I had, which I sold to a friend, is still running good after 8 years.

      Negatives of this bike: Didn’t find any negative considering the price tag.

      Will I recommend this bike and why: Value for money.

      Mach City iBike Single Speed Owner Review: Tech Specs

      Frame: Steel
      Fork: Rigid
      Brakes: V-brakes
      Saddle Adjustment: Quick Release
      Tyres: 1.95 inch
      For the full specification of the latest model you can check out the Track & Trail Website.

      Also read the Owner Review of the Mach City Munich Single Speed and BTwin My Bike.

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