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      New norms for the Indian bicycle industry will come into effect on the 1st of January 2021. The revised norms dictate that bicycle manufacturers will need to affix 10 BIS-certified reflectors.

      These norms are to be enforced to increase safety of bicycle users around the country. It was recently brought to light, that many manufacturers were using inadequate or substandard reflectors on their bicycles. As per data from the Ministry of Road and Transport 3673 cyclists died in road accidents in 2018.

      To bring uniformity and conformity in the organised and unorganised manufacturing sector, these norms are being put into place.

      Any manufacturer who does not abide by these rules will be punishable under the BIS  (Bureau of Indian Standards) Act.

      A question which comes up is whether this is effects only cycle manufacturing in India? What about the cycles which are imported and sold in the country, will those also be brought under these rules?

      What about India’s small and niche cycle manufacturers like Psynyde, Convolution and Scolarian? Will they get penalised for selling bikes without 10 reflectors!

      News Source: The Tribune

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