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      We are happy to announce an association between Irregulars Ultra and CyclingMonks.com for their upcoming race, MangoTrans 2021 in March.

      Registrations have started for the Second Edition of MangoTrans starting on 16th March 2021.

      You can register here on this link

      Mango Trans: The race through the land of Alphonso!

      Konkan, the land of mangoes, coconut water (natural electrolytes) and people, alike.
      Once upon a time this region was the naval frontier of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s regime. Later, led by Admiral Kanoji Angre. One will come across a number of sea forts, which also served as the keepers of our nation. The sight of these citadels may make one realize the Greatness of the “Human-Spirit”!

      MangoTrans challenges you as you race across Konkan, from Alibag (Maharashtra) to Aronda (Goa) via coastal route, on a bicycle, self-supported. This route is also one of the most popular Cyclo-Touring routes of our country. With Sahyadri mountain range on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, to play with. This route has an over-energetic child’s playground, like topography. This route rolls and rolls like nothing else!

      The close proximity to the sea brings multiple ferry crossings during the first half of the race and the the rolling terrain ensures more than 5000 m of elevation gain.

      The route also blesses one with mesmerizing vistas of endless ocean when one summits, one after another, small yet STEEP, hillocks. The really blessed ones may witness dolphins…

      Apart from the podium waiting for the fastest one. Racing across this route will give immense sense of achievement not only when you finish but also during the entire journey. After all, it’s about the “small joys in life”.

      What is MangoTrans?

      This self-supported adventure race tests your physical and mental toughness. It also gives you an opportunity to fortify your self belief. Starting from Alibaug, you race 500 km along the Konkan Coast crossing three designated checkpoints to reach the finish point at Aronda Kiranpani Bridge, Maharashtra Goa border within 120 hours.


      Ride date: 16th March 2021
      Race distance: 500 km
      Cut off timing: 120 hours
      Race Fee: Rs 3150/-

      – The race starts from Alibaug and finishes at Aronda Kiranpani bridge
      – There will mandatory checkpoints along the route, apart from the start and finish points. There will be time control at the mandatory checkpoints where each participant reports and gets their timings recorded. In addition to this, there will be log books at certain locations.
      – Specific Rules & Regulations will be updated shortly
      – Racers will be provided a detailed route map and elevation profile, along with necessary information about the route.
      – Winners will get super cool goodies after beating their extremely tough competition. Finishers will get a finisher medal and certificate


      You can read about MangoTrans 2019 and La La Land Ultra 2019 on CyclingMonks

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        Rules & Regulations for MangoTrans 2021


        RULES: This race is governed by a set of rules and regulations.

        – Participants should carefully read and follow the rules and instructions given before and during the race.
        – All riders must show evidence of their ride.
        – Post race ‘ride data’ of all riders will be checked, before the final results are announced.
        – Using a CADENCE sensor is MANDATORY for all racers and should reflect in their ride data.
        – The race will include mandatory checkpoints with “cut off time” along the route. Participants (Solo and Duo) arriving at the checkpoint after the cut off time will be disqualified.
        – Riders must observe traffic rules at all times.
        – If any participant does not comply with the instructions given by the race organizers, it will result in disqualification from the race.
        – Drafting (motorised and non-motorised) is not allowed except with your riding partner in case of duo category.
        – Any foul play will lead to disqualification from the race.
        – Do not spoil the trail by littering or throwing plastics. Be respectful to others around you.
        – The rules may be altered or modified at the discretion of the race organizers. All decisions taken by the organizers regarding results will be final.
        – There will be a pre-race briefing for the registered participants. (Date, time and venue will be informed via email).


        – All participants (Solo or Duo) must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
        – There are two categories: Solo (Individual participant) and Duo (A team of two members)
        – All food and drink must be carried with you or acquired at commercially available services. No back up or support is allowed for participants.
        – Every participant will sign a declaration form on the race day as part of the reporting.
        – Helmets, reflective gear, and lights are mandatory. Also carry a power bank to keep your phone charged at all time . Every participant should carry everything to take care of any cycle breakdown. Race organizers will not provide any assistance regarding the same.

        – This is a self-supported event. No back up or support is allowed for participants. If any deliberate support is taken, it will lead to disqualification of the participants from the race.
        – Failure to wear proper buckled helmets will result in immediate disqualification from the race.
        – All checkpoints are mandatory. Failing to show up at the checkpoint within the time allotted will result in disqualification.
        – Duo participants should be within visual range of each other till the completion of the race.
        – The time once recorded at the checkpoint by the marshals will be final.
        – Riders must follow the ‘leave no trace’ principles. Littering, throwing plastics or tampering with the natural surroundings along the route will lead to immediate disqualification.
        – Indiscipline or indecent behavior will not be acceptable.
        – Consumption of alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited.
        – Bikes must possess a lighting system powerful enough to be seen at a distance of 100 m from the front and 150 m from the rear. It must be securely and permanently fixed on the bike, even during daytime, and in working order at all times. Flashing LEDs at the rear are forbidden. Backup lighting systems are strongly recommended.

        Lights must be turned on at all times during hours of darkness or other low-light conditions, whether the participant rides alone or in a group. Secondary light can be on blinking mode.

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