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      Aneesh VP, an avid cyclist, embarked on a journey to Uttarakhand, seeking to push his limits and ignite his inner fire. His epic training days in Nainital unveiled new horizons. Over four intense days, Aneesh covered a total elevation gain of 6600 meters, navigating the challenging terrains of Kaladhungi climb, Bawali, Pongot, Ranikhet, and the vicinity of Nainital city.

      Enjoying the views of the Himalayas

      Opting for a more unconventional approach, Aneesh packed his trusty bicycle into a car and traversed the distance from the National Capital Region (NCR). The roads in Uttarakhand proved ideal for cycling, with just a few rough patches near Kainchi Dham. For Aneesh, the hilly terrain provided the perfect training ground, unlike the flat, smooth roads of Delhi, which prioritized speed over leg strength.

      With National Champion and Ace Road Racer, Arvind Panwar

      What truly captivated Aneesh in Uttarakhand was the challenging landscape, the delectable Pahadi cuisine, the warm camaraderie of the villagers, and, notably, the climate, offering a swift recovery between rides. Aneesh’s most cherished memory was sharing the road with one of India’s cycling champions, Arvind Panwar, and partaking in the rigorous training camp he organizes amidst the hills. These experiences have significantly bolstered Aneesh’s preparation for upcoming races, particularly those in the southern regions of India.

      The mostly friendly pahadi dogs

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