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      Below are the items which I carried on my 90 days cycle ride

      1. Cycle
      2. Bags
      3. Friends!

      The first. The cycle was a mountain bike. A Scott Scale 940. The bike was completely stock and running old tubeless tyres. The only thing i would change is to start with new tyres for such a long journey. And to get a more comfortable touring oriented saddle

      Second. Bags. The bags were waterproof bags from ViaTerra. A Nashik based motorcycle and bicycle riding gear manufacturer. The bags included:
      1. Tail bag
      2. Frame bag (Customised as per the frame size)
      3. Down tube bag
      4. Top tube bags x 2
      5. Handlebar bag was the tent folded in its stock bag
      6. Backpack. This had a solar panel, with which you can charge your power bank. And keep your electronics charged on the way.

      Third. Friends. I carried a couple of friends for the first couple of legs of the trip, then i met and rode with another guy. And finally i rode solo.


      What was in the bags:

      Two sets of cycling clothes. Jersey, shorts, padded shorts
      Two pairs of socks
      One tee and boxers for the night
      One jacket
      One set of rain jacket and pant
      Sleeping bag
      Sleeping mat. I didn’t actually carry a mat. I just used bubblewrap plastic under my sleeping bag.

      Spares & Tools:
      Tail light
      Bottles x 2
      Allen key set
      Spoke tensioner
      Chain Breaker
      Chain magic link
      Derailleur Cables
      Duct tape
      Electric Tape
      Tubeless tyre sealant

      OTG Cable
      Hard disk (Used the OTG cable to connect the phone to the hard disk)
      Camera (Canon DSLR)
      Action Camera (Ricoh)
      Power Bank 10000 mAh x 2
      Cycle Computer
      CF Card Reader

      Didn’t carry any special food as such. Just kept buying, biscuits, toffees, chocolates, fruit along the way.

      That is pretty much all you require to cycle for 90 days on planet earth!

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