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      Strava announced that features previously enjoyed for free by users, will now be available only for those who take a subscription.

      The company brass stated that even though Strava is 11 years old now, it still isn’t profitable. And to make it sustainable in the long run, this is absolutely necessary.

      The features which were previously free and now aren’t are:

      • Route Builder
      • Route Recommendations
      • Segment Leaderboards
      • Segment efforts and analysis

      The rest of the features are unchanged. What was free remains so, what was part of the Summit package also sees no change.

      Strava is Social Media for athletes! But unlike the general Social Media. Strava has refrained from showing advertisements, selling people’s data and other underhanded business which has become the norm from the tech giants.

      From that perspective it is reasonable that Strava is now charging a relatively nominal fee for some of its features. While for most beginner cyclists, the free features are more than enough.

      What do you think? Would you take up a Strava Subscription? Do you even use the Segment and Route Building features?

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