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      Hi Everyone,

      I’ve just registered on the site.

      I’m going to be moving to India on a permanent basis and will be living in Gurgaon.

      Just wondering if there is safe road cycling in or around Gurgaon or Delhi.

      I’m currently living in U.K. which is where I was born and have lived most of my life, now 52.

      I ride here in the U.K. and an average weekend ride here is around 80km with average speed of circa 26kmh. It’s quite hilly!

      would also love to know where the nearest gravel or MTB trials are to the city. I will have a car so can travel.

      So which of my bikes do I bring, or do I bring them all?

      Fire away.

      I’m 50% carbon fibre and 50% titanium

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        Hi Jeff

        If you are shifting to Delhi/ Gurgaon and looking for cyclists in the city, we suggest to get in touch with Delhi Velo and Aravalli Trail Hunters. The former is a group of road cyclists and the latter mountain/ gravel riders.

        We had written about ATH previously. You can check out more about them in the links below:

        Pedalling along with Aravalli Trailhunters

        Aravalli Trailhunters: Meet the Force: Season Finale!

        You can get in touch with ATH on their Facebook group and ping them to get notified about their regular rides here:


        We suggest bringing all your bikes! Because you never know which form of cycling you would prefer here in India. As road cycling on Indian roads is not always easy for people who are used to traffic in the western world.

        Living in Delhi also means that you are close to the Himalayas, and you can hop into your car and head there for a weekend of riding. Which is far more relaxing than riding in Delhi’s mad traffic!

        Hope this helps

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