Victor Sangale: A Cyclist. An Inspiration

This Diwali, as Cycling Monks turns 1 year old, we want to share this awe-inspiring story of an incredible cyclist…

6 months ago, Victor Sangale got in touch, he was looking to buy a new cycle and needed advice.

But Victor is no ordinary cyclist, he had fought multiple bouts of cancer and had lost a leg to it. His amputated limb was replaced by a hydraulic joint, but his spirit was stronger than ever.

Two years ago, he got into cycling and got better by the day. Eventually riding a Brevet Populaire in Maharashtra and a week long cycle ride in Arunachal Pradesh.

Our friend, Nachiket, shot and edited this video of Victor, but did not have the heart to publish it.

Victor was lost to the flash floods in Pune on the 25th of September and hasn’t been heard of since.

His parents and friends asked Nachiket to publish the video, so that as many people as possible get inspired by this amazing story of Victor.

Do watch and share his story, so that even more people will get inspired by Victor’s bravery and victory against all odds.

3 Replies to “Victor Sangale: A Cyclist. An Inspiration”

  1. This is really sad to hear… I hope he is found soon.My thoughts are with the families affected.

  2. An inspiring tail of courage that also leaves us sad at such a bright star disappearing over the horizon while still in the prime of life. May the good Lord grant eternal rest to him and solace to his bereaved family

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