World Bicycle Day 2021

This World Bicycle Day, since most of us cannot go out and ride, we asked some of our friends from around the country to share their love for cycling with us…

For those of you who are unaware, World Bicycle Day was promulgated by the United Nations General Assembly in 2018.

We use this day to express our love for cycling and to get our family, friends and other loved ones onto the saddle of a bike.

CyclingMonks’ friends answered one simple question, ‘Why I Ride?’.

But equally importantly, why do you ride? Let us know in the comments below…

Heartfelt thanks to (in alphabetic order):

Adonis Tangpu
Amedeus Therlang Marbaniang
Ashley Moras
David Kumar
Hamza Khan
Ishika Gupta
Mayank Shresth
Mohit Raj Kapoor
Prajwal Pingali
Preeti Tak
Priyanka Mehta
Ringkhang Narzary
Ronel Khundrakpam
Surya Thathu
Tanvi Tarare

Some other friends of ours were unable to be a part of this, because they were literally locked down in their respective cities. Thanks to all of you as well for your continued support.

Last and surely not the least, thanks to Raju Verma and Mohit Gena for this slick edit.

Wishing one and all, a happy bicycle day, month and year… May the community thrive and grow…

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6 Replies to “World Bicycle Day 2021”

  1. Nice content and video editing. The names could have been in bigger font size.
    Earlier cycling was the common man’s transport. It now seems to be an elitist sport, passion or pass time. Parity will be restored when, as in the West, it again becomes a NORMAL FORM of commuting.

    1. Totally agreed sir.

      Cycling has to become part of the urban infrastructure to make a difference to society and the world…

  2. Happy World Bicycle Day 2021. Cycling Monks! You have done your part. Appreciated!!!

  3. Hi avinash gaurang from Mumbai. Saw ur article I bicycle packing in train. I hv Ladakh trip pln. Taking cycle from Mumbai to Chandigarh. I hv high end mtb wth hydraulics. Need inputs on how shud I take it. Cn u hlp.. 9930164461. Happy to connect.

    1. Hi Gaurang

      If you are planning to carry your bicycle by train. Would suggest to book an AC 2-Tier berth and carry your bicycle in a soft transportation bag like the Btwin or something similar.

      If you are planning to book it in as luggage then, you are better off packing it in a bike carton or a hardcase bike box. Same is the case if you are planning to fly.

      Else you can use the courier option. Most half decent shops in Mumbai should be willing to pack and ship your bike to Chandigarh to the address of your choice. You can also use the courier option provided by Cyclop.

      Hope this helps.


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