Tour of Andaman 2023: Photo Feature

Tour ride report from the Tour de Andaman 2023. See all the beautiful photos from this gorgeous tour and words written by Bhavani.

Tour of Andaman 2023

In the captivating realm of Andaman, my journey unfolded through the 4th edition of the Andaman Cycling Tour. The decision to embark on this adventure was influenced by my friend Uma, who spoke highly of her experience in the previous edition. With a history of cycling trips in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Malaysia, I thought the 320km stretch over 5 days would be a manageable feat.

However, Andaman had its surprises in store for me. The terrain, a rolling canvas with unexpected steep climbs and descents, challenged my cycling expertise. The weather, a whimsical dance between rain and sun, added an unpredictable element to the journey.

Yet, what etches itself in my memory is the raw beauty of Andaman and the meticulous curation and organization of the tour. It truly embodied the essence of a “Cycling Exploration” experience. Venturing beyond the conventional, we explored places untouched by the island’s residents and met locals who ensured our comfort throughout the trip. The exceptional support from the Indian coastguards and Navy added an extraordinary dimension to our journey.

tour of andaman 2023
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The Ride Report

Our expedition commenced from the southern tip of the island, Port Blair, and traversed northward to Diglipur. Each day unfurled new surprises – challenging climbs, breathtaking views, and unparalleled beauty. What set this journey apart was the opportunity to engage in diverse activities while cycling: trekking in Chidiyatapu, ascending and descending Mount Harriet, visiting Shoal Bay, cruising through groves, convoying to Jaratang, glimpsing the Jarva tribe, dipping in Morcedira’s fresh waters, and navigating slush and forests en route to Mayabundar.

The final leg to Diglipur, a grueling 93km ride with formidable elevations, tested both mind and muscle. Throughout, the organizers provided commendable support – from hydration to meals, snacks to support vehicles, everything was meticulously arranged.

Blessed to witness the enchanting beauty of Andaman – where sea meets green mountains – our stay in offbeat places was made warm and welcoming by gracious hosts. Post-cycling, we explored the serene, uncrowded beaches of Ross and Smith.

Organizing such a tour, especially with the challenge of early sunsets, was a feat executed with precision. Each day unfolded as a unique, beautiful, and challenging experience.

What stands out beyond the physical journey is the camaraderie among cyclists. Laughter, shared stories, and mutual support added a rich layer to both the cycling and non-cycling moments. The generosity displayed, whether riding together, capturing memories, or sharing for a samosa, was heartwarming.

In attempting to articulate this experience, words fall short. For cyclists and explorers, I wholeheartedly recommend seizing the opportunity to partake in the next edition. It’s a journey that transcends the ordinary, a tapestry woven with the threads of challenge, camaraderie, and the unparalleled beauty of Andaman – an experience that beckons at least once in a lifetime.

Tour of Andaman 2023
Embracing Nature And Life

The Gorgeous Photos from Tour of Andaman 2023

Text: Bhavani Ramamurthi
Photos: Yashas S/ Team Parikrama

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