A Buyer’s Guide to Cycle Brands in India

This is a list of Cycle Brands in India. A list to help you find and select the perfect bike for you! Updated in 2023.

Cycle Brands in India (A to F)

The brands are listed alphabetically. With information about the brand itself and stores in India where you can buy them. As of today, the list contains more than 60 brands.

There are cycle brands in India which sell bikes for as little as INR 3000 and brands which start at INR 300000/-. Options for the cycle enthusiast are increasing and currently the buyer is king, or queen.

So without further delay let’s start with…

Argon 18

Argon 18 is a Canadian brand, established in 1989 in Montreal. Named after the 18th element in the periodic table, this brand provides equipment to the Canadian National cycling team.

Argon 18 manufactures road, gravel, triathlon, TT, track and even E-bikes.

Bicycle Paradise, Jaipur, imports and sells Argon 18 in India.

You can check out the range on the Argon 18 Website.

Avon Cycles

Along with Atlas, Avon is another Indian brand which has been around for decades.

Avon Cycles started in 1948. Today it boasts around 200 models. Avon can be found in every nook and cranny of the country.

The company sells roadsters, kids bikes, entry level geared cycles and has even forayed into the electric scooter segment. But they do not have E-bikes as yet.

The company sells bikes under Avon, Cyclux and Cyclelec brands.

You can check out all their models on the Avon Cycles Website.

Battalion Bikes

Battalion Bikes is an Indian brand which began operations in 2022. It is based in Tamil Nadu.

The company currently sells MTB, road and hybrid bicycles in the Indian market.

You can check out their range of bicycles on the Battalion Website.

Bergamont Bicycles

Bergamont Bicycles was founded in 1993 in Hamburg, Germany and was taken over by Scott Sports in 2015. The brand has been available in India since 2017 through the Scott network.

In India, Bergamont sells gravel and hybrid bikes.

Check out their models on the Bergamont India Website.


Bianchi is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the world still in operation. It started in 1885. Over the years, this Italian brand not just produced cycles, but motorcycles, cars and even trucks for the Italian military!

Bianchi has been actively participating in races since inception. Its products are derived from that ethos.

Like all Italian exotic machinery, Bianchi has a certain colour which is a brand identity. Celeste, also known as Bianchi Green, makes their bikes immediately identifiable, even from a distance.

Choose My Bicycle sells Bianchi cycles in India.

You can see Bianchi’s models and prices on the Choose My Bicycle Website.

BMC Switzerland

BMC started off as Bike Manufacturing Company in 1986. 8 years later in 1994, BMC Switzerland was born.

The brand known for its world class bikes has been at the forefront of bike tech since the turn of the century. BMC has been racing at the top in all verticals of the sport.

Byk India imports and sell BMC Switzerland. You can check it out on the UI World Website.


Italian company Bottecchia was founded in 1926 and named after Ottavia Bottecchia. He was the first Italian to win the Tour de France in 1924.

The company since then has been producing race pedigree bikes but also cycles for everyday use.

Byk India imports and sells Bottecchia cycles in India.

The company’s range in the country consists of road bikes, MTBs and hybrids.

You can get in touch with UI World for purchasing Bottecchia bikes in India.


Brompton is based in the UK and specialises in folding bicycles. The company first came into existence in 1975, in the flat of the founder!

They also claim to be the largest bicycle manufacturer in the UK and produce 45000 bikes a year.

ProCycle imports and sells Bromptons in India.

You can get more details about these foldies on the ProCycle Website.

BSA Cycles

Birmingham Small Arms company was a British company producing small weapons. In 1880, BSA produced their first bicycle, the Otto Dicycle.

In 1908 their resumed production of bicycles and BSA Cycles was established in 1919. The British brand continued making cycles for 4 decades before being bought over by Raleigh in 1957. Three years later, TI Group bought over Raleigh.

TI Group started a Joint Venture with the Murugappa Group based in Madras in 1949, which was called TI Cycles of India.

The Indian group eventually started manufacturing and selling BSA cycles in India with the original BSA logo, even though there is now no direct connect.

BSA Cycles currently manufactures and sells kids bikes, boasting a Disney range of bicycles. The company also produces roadsters, for adults and a smaller size for youngsters as well.

You can check out their entire range of cycles on BSA’s Website.

BTwin Cycles

BTwin is the bicycle brand of French sports giant, Decathlon.

The range of cycles under BTwin is hybrids, road bikes and mountain bikes. But the French company has planned to split up the BTwin brand. Retaining only the entry level bikes as BTwins while re-branding the mid and top range of bicycles.

The bikes are sold under brands of BTwin, Rockrider, Triban, Van Rysel and Riverside.

You can find the entire range of BTwin bikes on Decathlon’s India Website.


Connecticut based Cannondale was founded in 1971. It forayed into the bicycle market only in 1983.

Since then the American company has been a pioneer in innovation, with bringing in aluminium bikes when there were none, to their current MTBs with the ‘lefty’ forks.

The company now produces, sells and races machines at the pinnacle of the sport. Firefox stores sell Cannondale in India.

You can check out the road, MTB and hybrid models from Cannondale on the Firefox Bikes Website.


Ceepo is a Japanese brand that focuses on triathlons. It was founded in 2003. Founder, Nobuyuki Tanaka had been in the sport since 1990 and started customising his bikes since 1993.

Seeing instant gains with his own creations, he eventually started mass producing bikes for the market.

All the bikes from Ceepo are carbon fibre and are either road or triathlon bikes.

In India, Mastermind Bikes imports and sells Ceepo. You can check out the bikes on Mastermind’s Website.


Cervélo is a Canadian cycle manufacturer founded in 1995. The brand name is a mixture of cervello meaning brain in Italian and velo which is French for bike.

As the name suggests, a relatively new company used their brains to make and race bikes at the top. Today Cervélo produces bikes for road, TT and track use.

Longshine imports and distributes Cervélo in India.

You can check out the range on the Longshine Website.


Colgnago was founded by Ernesto Colnago as he set about working in the cycling industry from the age of 13. In 1952 the shop was established and the first bike built in 1954. He went on to be a legendary mechanic and race bike builder over the years.

The Italian brand sells road bikes primarily, but also manufacture a few steel classics harking back to their glory days.

Mastermind Bikes sells Colnago cycles in India. You can check out the range of road bikes on the Mastermind Website.


Amongst the cycle brands in India, Convolution is one of the few which is based in the country and makes top notch bikes.

Convolution is a Pune based cycle manufacturer. Selling custom mass production bikes. They currently have the Aspera road bike, which is built as per the buyer’s needs.

The bikes are built in Pune.

You can find more about these bikes on the Convolution Website.

Cosmic Bicycles

Cosmic Bicycles is a relatively new entrant to the Indian market. The company is based in Chennai and sells children’s cycles, MTBs, hybrids, road and fat bikes.

The bikes are entry-level products.

You can check out the range of bicycles on the Cosmic Bicycles Website.


Cradiac is an Indian bicycle brand based in Ludhiana and started in 2017.

The company offers MTBs, hybrids and children’s cycles in the Indian market. The cycles on offer are entry-level.

Check out the entire range of bicycles on the Cradiac Website.

Dahon Bikes

Dahon Bikes is a California based company, started in 1982 by David Hon. The company specialises in urban mobility and has been producing folding cycles for the last 38 years.

In India Unique Fitness imports and sells Dahon Bikes. You can check out these foldies on the Dahon Website.


Factor is a bicycle brand from England. The company was established in 2007.

This premium bicycle brand makes a range of bicycles, including, road, TT and gravel bicycles.

In India Mastermind imports and sells Factor bikes. You can check out their range on the Mastermind Website.

Fantom Bikes

An Indian cycling company, Fantom Bikes started in 2010 and claim to sell bikes in 35 countries.

Fantom Bikes sells cycles across the country in their company branded outlets.

The company sells entry level MTBs, hybrids, children’s cycles, road and even a tandem model.

You can check out their products on the Fantom Bikes Website.

Felt Bicycles

Felt Bicycles is a California based brand, established in 1994.

The company produces road, MTB, hybrid, track, TT and electric bicycles. It is known for innovation in the TT/ Triathlon world of bikes.

Ozone Ventures imports and sells Felt cycles in India.

You can check out the Felt Bicycles range on the Ozone Ventures Facebook Page.

Firefox Bikes

Firefox is one of the most well known cycle brands in India.

A company born by chance in April 2005. Firefox was one of the first to foray into the ‘premium’ segment of the Indian market. It further strengthened that position by being the distributor of Trek Bikes in India.

The brand became so big that it was acquired by Hero Cycles in 2015. 5 years later, Firefox is still developed as an independent brand.

Firefox Bikes currently sells MTBs, hybrids, road bikes, foldies from Tern and E-Bikes.

You can check out their entire range on the Firefox Bikes Website.

Fuji Bikes

Fuji Bikes founded in 1899 in Japan and was named after the holy mountain.

Since the last few decades, the company has had a checkered past with ownership changing hands multiple times. Fuji Bikes produces cycles in almost every category of bicycles.

Longshine imports and distributes Fuji Bikes in India.

You can find out more about these cycles on the Longshine Website.

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