Photo Feature: Hyderabad Racing Circuit

Race report from the Hyderabad Racing Circuit race on the 26th of January. Prajwal Pangali writes and shoots the ‘handicap’ race which happened on republic day!

Hyderabad Racing Circuit

Prajwal and a bunch of buddies in Hyderabad have started the 2020 season with a road race.

The race was not of the regular variety. It took a leaf out of the golf book and was a ‘handicap’ race. Where racers are flagged off from the start line on the basis of their skill. The slowest riders first.

Giving everyone a shot at winning. At least on paper!

Hyderabad Racing circuit

Racing Hyderabadi Style by Prajwal

Jan 26, 2020 – 0600hrs

A group of 29 riders met for the first race in Hyderabad since the new year. The race format, unusual in its structure is one embraced by the hyderabadi cycling community, a handicap race

Riders of all experience levels can participate and have a chance at winning. The course and distance is constant.

The riders start at different times, giving the slower riders a head start. While giving the stronger, faster riders a later start. Making their race a significantly harder one.

Riders from many local groups arrived. Some professional, some just beginning. The first group took to the asphalt by 6:15 and were on their merry way. The second group followed suit a bit later, while the third and final group brought up the rear.

Hyderabad Circuit Racing
The experienced riders from the 3rd group

And it was on… 

By 6:45, the race was on! Riders from all groups worked in their bunch to try and sustain. Some got left behind, some pushed hard and eventually overtook the previous group. 

The second group was surprisingly the fiercest of the race. Hard on the pedals, relentless on undulating terrain. No one was safe from group 2!

They pushed hard as a group and eventually overtook the first group. They didn’t stop there, they upped the pace headed for the final challenge. A kilometre long climb where the finish line lay.

The 1st group scattered almost immediately and any sense of order quickly fizzled out as the second group approached. Yet, a few held on till the finish.

The 3rd group being the most experienced thought that it might be an easy day. A hard training ride at most.

They started slow and made their merry way down the course only to realise their error by the halfway point of the first lap. The pace quickened, the intensity rose, the hammer was primed and ready to fall. 

To the Victor belong the Spoils!

By the midway point of the second lap the eventual group to win was decided, and uncontested. The 2nd group was going to win.

One question remained…who? 

As the climb came near, the riders prepared. Drink first, suffer later.

Three riders broke from the group at the end. They made it up the hill with haste and it was a sprint finish, unlike solo victories as is usually the case.

Pranaav dropped the hammer and made it to the line first, followed closely by Rajkumar and finally Gautham.

The rest of the riders rolled in over the next half an hour, regretting their plan to eat lavish in the holidays!

The race was over. All podium finishers were from the Maxwell Trevor Cycling academy, and the fastest rider of the day was Gaurav Duggal from Spectrum Racing.

The Hyderabad Racing Circuit will return in February with a new race!

Hyderabad Racing Circuit podium
Life on the podium

About Hyderabad Racing Circuit

The Hyderabad Racing Circuit is a racing organisation founded by a bunch of avid cyclists.

Headed by Khiyar Pasha, the directeur sportif and a phenomenal track rider, Akash Panda, fellow racer and the current Telangana state champion, Prajwal Pingali, mountain biker and photographer, and Gautham, track racer and graphic designer. 

Hyderabad Racing Circuit’s goal is to bring high quality racing in all fields to the hyderabadi public.

They’ve hosted road, track, and soon to be held mountain bike races. The 2020 season has started and is packed with races from our side. Stay tuned…

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  1. May I suggest that reports filed by third parties be edited before being published. This story is incomplete without important details like the total number of riders, how many in each group, the length of the race, duration etc.

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